Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Japan: "The Scottsboro Girls" --- Do Not Promote this Film

May 19 at 12:15pm

Americans and westerners in general will find this film highly offensive. I specifically and personally cautioned Yoshiko Sakurai not to promote this film.
Ms. Sakurai promoted it anyway and lost much respect. People are afraid to speak up to Ms. Sakurai because she is extremely connected and powerful. Whatever she says goes.
The buck stops here.
Ms. Sakurai did not watch the film before promoting it. She told me this personally after a meeting at LDP HQ in Tokyo. I invited her to coffee near LDP and our team cautioned her about this film, saying she should under no circumstances promote this.
I warned the filmmaker Yujiro Taniyama many times about his film. He gave me three copies one evening at Yoshiko Sakurai's home just before she put him on her Genron TV to promote it. Our team later watched the film and were appalled. And appalled that Ms. Sakurai would promote this film, which is causing damage to Japan.
I and others tried to school Taniyama and told him not to show this at CWU (Central Washington University) without serious editing. He did it anyway, but at least with some editing.
Taniyama visited me twice in Thailand and I cautioned him in Thailand about American culture and that his film is overboard. I no longer support Taniyama or Sakurai due to their pushing Taniyama's film in the United States.
Sakurai lost respect after endorsing this film without watching it, and by not taking our advice not to endorse it. Sakurai's endorsement is no longer worth paper.
Sakurai's endorsement is having a ripple effect. Taniyama was invited to speak at CWU due to Sakurai's endorsement. I know this because I communicate with the person who invited him. This raised Taniyama's profile in the United States.
Last week al Jazeera contacted me asking for help getting Japanese academics on board for a show. I tried with people like Professors Fujioka and Hata, who could have done a great job. They bucked. Jazeera did not accept Dr. Mera who also could have done well. Instead, Jazeera chose Taniyama. I immediately warned Jazeera not to have Taniyama as the spokesman.
I passed Jazeera's invitation directly to Sakurai and did not get a response. I can no longer take her seriously other than that she is connected and powerful. Her judgement is terrible. Long time readers on my page know that when I take on someone very powerful like Sakurai, it is always for cause, and turns out in the end to be for good cause.
Jazeera used Taniyama -- thanks ultimately to Sakurai raising his profile. Koreans and PRC Chinese must love this. There is no better spokesman for the anti-Japanese cause. Just let Taniyama talk and know that victory is assured. I warned him privately many times. Sakurai has wax in her ears and again did not even watch the film before heavily promoting it. She told me this face to face.
Sakurai should publicly admit her mistake and walk away from this film before it damages her and Japan any more.
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ninnin said...

I wonder why offensive Yong Soo Lee is greatly accepted in America.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

>Americans and westerners in general will find this film highly offensive.

I have NOT watched this film but will watch it later when it becomes available for me. Please describe more why they will find it “highly offensive.”

Moguro Fukuzo said...

Mr. Yon:

Please do not forget that the Resolution 121 of the U.S. House of Representatives, comfort women memorials and description of McGraw-Hill textbook are very offensive for us.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

I have found this Article just now….

“More than 450 mostly Western scholars have urged Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to confront boldly Japan's wartime past, the latest sign that the conservative leader has not erased concern that he wants to dilute past apologies.”

It is clear that these 450 western scholars want to keep saying “Japan, you are bad. You were wrong. You are a bunch of murderers, rapists. You should apologize 1,000 times but will never be permitted. You should be placed in a bottle forever. “

I know they are saying this out of racial prejudice.