Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nepal Earthquake: Why Can't Crews Find Missing Military Chopper?

May 15 at 1:03pm

Our people apparently have not even picked up a beacon. This is not surprising. I have spent a year in Nepal and much time walking around in those mountains. Sometimes I took a satellite phone and cell phone, and very often neither would work. Line of sight was needed for the sat phone often I was in a massive shadow.
Those mountains are massive. They are the Himalaya. You must see the Himalaya in person to understand what Himalaya really means.

Nepalese consider the Rocky Mountains and the Alps to be hills. (Really.) The Appalachian Mountains are anthills. Nepalese would not even call them mountains.
Our people might be alive out there and cannot communicate. They might be in a bad location or with injured and cannot walk, and in any case they will try to stay with the bird thinking we will see it soon.
We must rush more air assets in there to look.


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