Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Uemura Takashi (former Asahi reporter)’s Lectures in the U.S.

Uemura is a disgrace to journalism. By comparison, he makes Jayson Blair and Michael Moore look honest.
Yet Jayson Blair did little damage, and Michael Moore did little lasting damage in the scheme of things. Uemura, however, strategically damaged Japan and our relations. Uemura is a traitor for Japan.
My question: Was Uemura ever really a journalist, or did he take the job to fulfill some other work? Agent for Korea or China?

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Anonymous said...

We don't call Mr.Uemura a jounalist. He is just a man who worked at the infamous Asahi with some hidden agenda. He really wanted to help his mother in-law with her scheme that would extract money from Japanese government. Sheme on you Uemura!