Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rohingyas: Note from a very smart Thai Gentleman --

May 17 at 2:35pm

Western News media reports and truth are so often opposite to each other. In this incident doubtless jumped upon UN and US administration to create more pressure against Thailand, the actual facts are:
Royal Thai Navy (RTN) radar observed a vessel stationary just outside Thai territorial waters. Upon investigation, it was found to be a boat load of Rohingyas on a boat with engine failure. The RTN then sent a vessel to pull the Rohingya boat into Thai territorial waters where appropriate help can be given. The Western media then reported it as Thai Navy pushing the Rohingyas out of Thai waters.

It was found that there was water in the fuel tank. The engine was repaired, 500 liters of new fuel(enough for about 15 hours sailing) given together with necessary supplies. The Rohingyas were asked their intention and they reiterated that they wanted to go to a fellow Muslim country and ere allowed to do so. The Rohingya boat then left and were last observed as having departed Thai waters.


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