Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bad News from Nepal

This from my Canadian friend and her Japanese husband. Very terrible:
Hi Michael,
As a result of our donation of plastic mats, a Nepali group of rescuers invited Nori and I to go with them on a first responder mission ....5 hours into the mountains, where the road ended and devastation was everywhere.
The experience of yesterday left us feeling so helpless, the people that we visited had not eaten for 3 days, the supplies we brought were meager in comparison to their needs. The situation was very tense. They are desperate and help is not reaching the remotest of places. Roads have been compromised and large trucks carrying supplies can't get to those in need. 
These people who had very little to begin with, now have nothing. They plead to me babbling in Nepali, I listen, you don't need to understand the language to know what is being said. I met an older woman who stood by the pile of rubble that was once her home and learned that her husband died "in that spot" and in the other half of the rubble her cow died. 
Today I asked how much a cow costs. Was told about 30 to 40 thousand rupees - only 400 USD, but the problem would be to feed the cow.
Hope you are well Michael. I love these people and I'm crushed, our hearts are heavy today. 

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