Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sihanoukville, Cambodia--Now

May 13 at 1:21pm

I am on a bus with American combat veterans of the Mayaguez Incident, and Vietnam. Al Rockoff is here smelling like marijuana as normal.
The fellow holding the coke is the Khmer Rouge commander who fought most of the other people on this bus and killed many back in 1975.

These last two days they eat lunch and dinner together and travel together. 41 Americans died during this operation and three were taken POW and we never got them back. Maybe... (More on that later.)
This one-legged Khmer Rouge commander admitted to shooting one of our men. Apparently the other two were taken here to Sihonokville and were smashed in the head and killed.
The veterans are extremely unhappy with the U.S. government response on recovery. They believe there is a coverup. They have presented to me much evidence. There is a lot of smoke. There must be some fire with all this smoke.
My initial thoughts, based on what they have shown to me, is that there probably is some coverup.
After this short trip I will return full time to the WWII sex slave research.

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