Monday, May 4, 2015

The Earthquake War -- Nepal is heading the wrong way

Nepal will be lucky to avoid more civil war. For all the nice parts about Nepalese people, they also have created their own mess and many will not survive.
The Nepalese government is a worthless thief. I spent a great deal of time with Maoists out in those hills. Many foreigners did the same but did not seem to realize it. 
There is little use for communists, Maoists, or whatever they should be called. But in this case, the communists did not spring from nowhere. Their cause was just in some ways. The government was only a thief with embassies. 
Yet the Maoist methods and goals were as bad, if not worse. And then the Maoists gained power and were no better than what they replaced.
Before the Maoist and other members of the worthless Nepalese government complain about international response, they should point to their own preparations for what we all knew was coming. They should point to what they are doing to facilitate help -- such as getting the customs rats out of the corn.
Nepal is marching in the direction of more war. The Earthquake War.

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