Saturday, May 2, 2015

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaking before our Congress

This is worth watching. Shinzo Abe is like the Ronald Reagan of Japan. PM Abe believes in his country. He believes in our country. And he believes in our alliance, and in a better future based on law, order, and principles. His speech down in Australia a while back also is worth watching.
I witness the products of Japan's efforts in many countries, including today in Myanmar, and earlier in Philippines, Afghanistan, Thailand, and more. A person does not have to look far in poor countries to find JICA (the Japanese version of US Aid), or Japanese NGOs or Japanese private citizens helping locals with big projects, and small.
Come to Myanmar and see for yourself. Japanese projects are all over the place. 
Go to Philippines and see for yourself. In Afghanistan, Japan spent billions of dollars to help Afghans. Japanese will never get anything in return for the work they have done in Afghanistan. That is a face of Japan that few people see. 
I see what Japanese are doing in many countries. It is a great honor that Prime Minister Abe spoke before our Congress.


Anonymous said...


与党議員からは「政府機関の間で慰安婦の数も合わない」「きちんと把握していないデータを提出しているのか」など、批判や叱責が相次いだという。 」

20万人強制連行と大騒ぎして日本批判している韓国の国会の委員会で慰安婦被害者の数が238人か243人かで揉めている らしいです。「1日」というのは、2015年5月1日の事です。


Moguro Fukuzo said...

Like Soviet Union, China will be the loser of the arms race with the Four Castle Diamond formation (of Japan, Australia, Hawai and India). Then what will happen?

Inevitably, it is the death of the Chinese Communist Party. However, the death of the CCP will NOT come and go rather peacefully as the death of the Soviet Union. We have to anticipate a Civil War inside China like the period from 1850s to 1940s.

Like Leviathan dying in the Rotten Sea, or the Qing Dynasty consumed in the 1851 Taiping Rebellion and 1900 Boxer Rebellion, the CCP is dying in great agony with many problems down on the road. Removing nuclear weapons and materials safely from China is one thing. Dealing with a great number of refugees would be another. Look at the Chinese people in the South East Asia, Many of them are the descendants of refugees fled from 100 years of Civil War since the end of the Qing Dynasty.

Staying away from warring states battling against each other with extreme cruelty under close watch to monitor what’s happening inside China is particularly important.

If we poke our nose into China’s Civil War with humanitarian sympathy, we will have another August 15 in the end.

Soon China will become a Halloween Party in which monsters fight against each other. Millions of people may die until another dictatorship emerges out to rule the land. Do not turn the Heaven to Hell.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Nice to meet you, I am grateful to your activities. My sister has lived in Canada. Children and her Canadian husband is also together. Statue of comfort women might be installed in Canada. It is very anxiety.I will provide the information. This may be useful.

kk said...

Well done. Hope to see your report again and again.

Anonymous said...

Terrible article - coverage of NBC
Japanese PM Slammed During US Visit on Comfort Women Issue - NBC

>>浦野信和 san
Thank you for your information.
Once again, Lee Yong-Soo, has been taken up in the above, exposed her faults. According to The Chosun Ilbo, she said that she was kidnapped without understanding English in a address at Harvard Kennedy School that is PM Abe gave a speech next day. English? she seems to talk a story of US military comfort women.
[訪美 일정 시작한 아베] 아베 사과없이 "마음 아프다"… 위안부 할머니 "日 사과 듣는게 소원" (in Korean)
“만 열여섯 살 때 영문도 모른 채 일본군에 끌려간 곳이 대만에 있는 일본군 가미카제 부대였습니다.”

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, it seems to mean also incomprehensible, not without understanding English.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

>Terrible article - coverage of NBC

NBCはアメリカの3大ネットワークの一つですが、全体的に左寄りの中でも左寄り、傘下のMSNBCなどは極左で、Al Sharptonのような人物も番組を持ってます。”人権活動家”と自称してますが毎回人種対立を煽る発言ばかりで暴動拡大に一役買ってます。中韓ロビーはマスコミにも浸透してるのでこの記事は意外でもないです。
NBCの看板キャスターのB.Williams は最近降板させられました。イラク報道での嘘がバレて謹慎中ですが、さらに虚報疑惑が増え、復帰が危ぶまれいます。

Unknown said...

Thank you everyone. I believe that the United States and Japan was lose Japan fighting fair and square. It is written to the Army Memorial in Hawaii.Then, the United States and Japan became the friend of democracy. America will be hijacked by China and South Korea spy at present.I hope any happiness to friend.