Thursday, April 30, 2015


Shinzo Abe: Welcome to the United States


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As for massacre、Korean residents union in Japan claims that Koreans were massacred by Japanese in the Great Kanto earthquake, 1923. This is a perfect lie.

Probably、 after 50years、they will claim that Koreans were massacred by Japanese in the Great East Japan Earthquake,2011 as well as Kobe Earthquake,1995.

Please study Korean history and characteristic traits、and you can understand this kind of Korean way of thinking.

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Moguro Fukuzo said...

PM Abe’s address at the U.S. Congress signifies that the Japan-U.S. Security Pact is entering into a new stage.

Emerged from the Cold War, the “Rising Sun and Soaing Eagle“ alliance now has a global meaning. This alliance has four castes: Japan to the north, Australia to the south, Hawai to the east; and India to the west. This Diamond-shaped castle formation is invincible at least in a foreseeable future.

There is no room for a few Korean liar bitches and Chinese scam artists to interfere with the emergence of the new Kingdom.

Moguro Fukuzo said...


Year, we have to know more about Korea and China. In addition to Korea and China, we have to know more about ourselves.

Koreans and Chinese both have a great talent of telling lies and deceiving people.

Koreans always pretend to be a victim of the Japanese Imperialism. Chinese accuse Japan of “wartime atrocities“ at all times but hiding its own committed both during the war and the peacetime. Who is cherishig the idea of Military Dictatorship today? It is China! China is the Military Dictatoship itself.

Sunzu said, “If you know your enemy and yourself, you can win the war 100 times.“

Spend more time on books, get English proficiency people!

Moguro Fukuzo said...


Year, I heard this man Mr. Boo↓ had put a commercial ad titled “Do you remember Pearl Harbor?” in the New York Times during PM Abe’s visit to the United States. New York Times is de facto China Daily.

Mr. Boo

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