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Chinese translation (April 8 - 11)

  • "Here's How Much Greece Wants in WWII Reparations"
  • Interesting: Songs Honoring the Imperial Japanese Army
  • "Diary written by Korean worker at comfort stations in BurmaSingaporefound"
  • USA: South Carolina Policeman Shooting Fleeing Man
  • This is Golden Rock in Myanmar-- a very important pilgrimage site
  • Daesh Destroying Priceless Treasures again
  • Chinese and Koreans trying to install another Hate Statue in the USA

April 8 at 2:22pm · 
(Chinese translation)

"Here's How Much Greece Wants in WWII Reparations"

Frau Merkel is pointing fingers at Japan for World War II issues. Frau Merkel -- to avoid hypocrisy -- might reach into Germany's bank account and write a check for $303 billion to Greece.
"Greece says it's about time Germany opens its checkbook and pays $303 billion in reparation money stemming from the Nazi occupation of Greece in World War II. Greece's deputy finance minister says the sum, put forth by the General Accounting Office, accounts for war reparations, the repayment of an "occupation loan" paid by the Bank of Greece, and the return of stolen artifacts, Reuters reports. Such a sum would surely help out Greece as it struggles with its own debts; Greece must pay the International Monetary Fund $487 million by Thursday, the BBC notes. Germany, however, has denied all previous claims that it owes Greece anything following a 115 million deutschmark payment in 1960."
“希腊表示,现在正是德国打开支票簿和支付3030亿美元的时候这是粹占希腊的赔偿金。希腊政部副部长说计办公室提出的合计金额包括赔偿 和 希腊行的“战时融资”的 和 被盗艺术品的,路透社道。这个钱会帮助希腊偿还临的自身债务;希腊必在星期四支付4亿8700万美元际货币基金组织,英国广播公司注释然而,自从19601亿1500万德国支付之后,德国已经拒绝了所有早先的索赔
April 12, 2015 at 11:10pm
(Chinese translation)

Interesting: Songs Honoring the Imperial Japanese Army

I was raised to think all of Asia hates Japan. So far in this research, we see evidence of songs honoring Japan in ThailandIndia, and Indonesia. This goes against the narrative.
So far in Myanmar I am just sensing the ground, talking with people here and there to shape further research. I do sense historical animosity to both British and Japanese, yet today it is bygones. That is my sense from talking with Burmese in Thailand and here. Let's keep an open mind.
The terrain is complex. During the Iraq war, and also in Afghanistan, there were/are areas that very much like us, and other areas the opposite.
This is not like sensing a swimming pool where a cup of water from any part of the pool probably is similar to other cups. This is like sensing soil, where soil one meter away might be very different.
Much work to do.
I cannot confirm this video without going there. A kind person posted it on our Japanese/Chinese blog.
April 10 at 9:49am · Edited · 
(Chinese translation)

"Diary written by Korean worker at comfort stations in BurmaSingaporefound"

The World War II sex slave narrative is a fabrication. It did not happen. Koreans and Chinese claim that 200,000 women were kidnapped. They are lying, and they are caught.
This lie is being perpetuated by communists in various countries. There are various reasons to perpetuate the story.
One reason is racism towards and envy of Japanese. Japanese are very successful and this hurts some immature people's feelings, and scares others. Instead of striving to a Japanese standard, people try to pull or push Japanese down.
Another reason is money. People are trying to extort money from Japan. They see this issue as blank check. Japan owes them nothing that is not already paid.
Another reason is local politics. President Park in Korea and various American and other politicians use this issue to whip up hatred against Japanese and get votes/money from Chinese and Koreans.
Another issue is business. The sex slave narrative has become an industry with professors giving speeches, authors writing books and moviemakers doing their thing.
The largest reason comes from China. The People's Republic of China is using the narrative to isolate Japan and keep Japan weak. China is expanding economically, politically, and they are building ships today. PRC is trying to make people fearful of Japan.
Hatred is a compound emotion. Every good writer and artist knows that to create hatred, mix the colors of anger and disgust. Fear is a basic component of anger. (I believe this -- some psychologists say I am wrong, but I think fear is a component of anger.)
To make people hate Japanese, Chinese information warriors know that they must make us angry and disgusted with Japanese. This will make us hate Japanese.
How do they achieve this? They write books such as the Rape of Nanking. They focus on any and every bad thing that Japan did or did not do. They accuse Japanese of being mass rapists, slave keepers, and cannibals.
如何做到一点呢?他写的如「南京的强奸(the Rape of Nanking。他们专注于任何一件坏事,日本实际做不做没关系。他日本大量奸犯和奴隶的守者和与食人族。
The cannibal appellation has been used against other people, such as Jews. Successfully labeling someone a cannibal creates instant hatred because this incapsulates into one moment fear, anger, and disgust.
Remember that fear, anger, and disgust are three of the six universal emotions. The others are surprise, happiness, and sadness.
If an information warrior can make people feel fear, anger, and disgust towards a target, they create hatred. Hatred translates to dehumanization and bullets downrange.
The PRC is trying to make us hate Japanese by evoking these emotions by labeling Japanese as cannibal rapists.
In fact, it is the Chinese government that is disgusting, and people in the region should fear China.
As China creates a broth of hatred, the hate soup is splashing back on them.
April 10 at 8:18am
(Chinese translation)

USA: South Carolina Policeman Shooting Fleeing Man

The video showing the policeman shooting the man in the back looks like straight murder.
However...we must withhold judgement until further information comes in.
Many years ago I was talking with a close friend in law enforcement. He was hitting me with hypothetical questions of "What would you do?" I was fresh out of the Army.
Soldiers and cops all know that they must work through these things in advance, so that if the situation arises they already have practiced the script that they are going to run. Often there is no chance for thought. Action: Reaction.
One hypothetical went like this:
You are the cop. Someone uses deadly force against you. He shoots at you. He runs out of ammunition, throws down the gun and runs away. You have a clear shot. What do you do?
My immediate answer was, "Shoot him."
My friend asked me to explain the reasoning.
Response: people who carry one gun often carry two guns, or a gun and a knife or some other weapon. Some people are like walking arsenals.
He might not be running away, and in any case, he just used deadly force and is a danger to others. He may be seeking a better fighting position to whip out an ankle gun. He just shot at me. The rules just changed. He already has used deadly force and my job as a cop is to apprehend, or stop him.
My friend said yes, this is justified and lawful according to their training. If someone uses deadly force and then runs away, that does not mean it is over. They may be seeking a fighting advantage, and in any case they just used deadly force and they present a lethal menace.
A big question here: Did the dead man use deadly force against the officer before he was shot in the back?


April 12, 2015 at 8:36am

This is Golden Rock in Myanmar-- a very important pilgrimage site

 The area is packed now with pilgrims due to New Years. The huge rock is so precariously perched that it is easily rocked by hand.


April 12, 2015 at 9:39pm

(Chinese translation)

Daesh Destroying Priceless Treasures again


They also declared war on Japan, one of the most peaceful countries on earth. China and Daesh are going to get the opposite of what they want. Japan is not intimidated. Japanese are preparing. Time to rewrite Article 9.



April 11 at 11:45am · 
(Chinese translation)

Chinese and Koreans trying to install another Hate Statue in the USA

The Koreans and Chinese need to take this hatred back home before it starts to splash back on them. America does not need their baggage and manipulation.


Anonymous said...

Historical perception in Taiwan - article by a Taiwanese commentator (from Japanese magazine Rekishitsu, March 15 Special Issue).

“A Grateful China Should Also Pay Respect To Yasukuni Shrine” by Huang Wenxiong (Ko Bunyu)
Full Text (PDF):
in English
in Japanese
China has alleged that the Japanese Army was responsible for aggression, massacres, rape, and pillage directed against the Chinese and other Asian peoples, and since the end of the war this is also what people in Japan have generally believed. However, this is not what people in Taiwan think. Rather, most intellectuals knowledgeable of Japan, including Mr. Huang, are of the belief that "Japan did no wrong--Japan's only sin was that it lost the war."
This is because the people of Taiwan were never indoctrinated to the version of history promoted at the Tokyo War Crimes Trials. Because of this, the people of Taiwan have lamented that Japan lost the war and had no problem in accepting the historical fact that Japan's true objective in fighting the war was to take back Asia and rid it of the invasive colonial powers.

Anonymous said...

Although Japan was rapidly modernizing, its major factor was the imperialism of the great powers. Japan had a strong sense of crisis to it. But around... tragedy for Japan is that China and Korea was way too shabby. I'm not saying that 100% innocence, but Japan was undoubtedly dragged into there.