Sunday, April 19, 2015

カリフォルニア、グレンデールの慰安婦像にいる日本人 (ビデオ)

黒と白の縞々のシャツを着て話しているのはフィリス・キム(Phyllis Kim)だ。フィリスはカリフォルニアの韓国米国フォーラム(KAFC)で働いている。



目良浩一博士(Dr. Mera)が像の撤去に関して地方自治体に対して訴えを起こした際に、法廷助言者として世界抗日戦争史実維護連合会(Global Alliance、中国人)が出てきたのが良い例だ。訴えの目的はグレンデール市の慰安婦像の撤去である。しかしその訴えは退けられた。


Video of Japanese at the Glendale, California Comfort Women Statue
The lady giving the talk wearing the black and white striped shirt is Phyllis Kim. Phyllis works at the Korean American Forum of California. (KAFC.) 
KAFC exists only to create problems for Japanese in the United States. 
Chinese are the mostly unseen hand operating the Korean puppets. As we investigate, we find Chinese footprints everywhere, including that Global Alliance (Chinese) filed an amicus curiae in the lawsuit filed by Dr. Mera against the local government. The purpose of the lawsuit was to keep this statue and the hatred it brings out of Glendale. The lawsuit did not succeed. 
My apologies for the low quality of the video. I made it with an old camera phone and I had a heavier DSLR over my shoulder. Unfortunately I broke my good video camera in Afghanistan and have not replaced it. Judging by the low quality of this video, it is time to replace it.

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