Wednesday, April 1, 2015


(translation from English to Chinese) 
"The bickering allies of United States in Asia"

Mr. Kent Harrington is largely correct. I do disagree about PM Abe visiting Yasukuni. Japan has freedom to worship as does the United States. We should not interfere with this basic right. On a diplomatic level we should not mention this. This is Japanese business. 
Mr. Kent Harrington大部分正确。我确实不同意安倍首相访问靖国神社。日本有信仰自由,正如美国所做的一样。我们不应该干涉这个基本权利。在一个外交的等级上我们不应该涉及这个。这是日本人自己的事情。

Japanese are friends and allies. China is pushing buttons to make KoreaUSAJapan, and others, all fight each other. China is playing a big information war. If China does not stop, this will bounce back on China.

Mr. Kent Harrington has an understanding of what is happening:
Mr. Kent Harrington对于正在发生的事情是有认识的。

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