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This is the Chinese version of the article entitled “What Really Happened at Nanjing?”. Since the Japanese version “実際,南京でなにがあったのか?” was originally posted on Sunday, April 5, 2015, we will revise the timestamp of this Chinese article to that day later. It may cause an exchange of articles.


(translation from English to Chinese)
What Really Happened at Nanjing?

I do not know. Is this film Japanese propaganda? It could be. I do not know yet. 
Last year I and others began researching the allegations that Japanese kidnapped 200,000 sex slaves during and before World War II. We are still researching. 
I am in Thailand researching and will head to Myanmar and back to Philippines for more research. But we already have learned that this is false. 

The Japanese did not commit this crime of kidnapping 200,000 women. 
It literally is communist propaganda that started in 1978 by a communist named Yoshida Seiji, and was propagated by the second biggest paper in the world, the left leaning Asahi Shimbun. 

The narrative then took a life of its own and Korea and China began using it to squeeze money and hatred (Korea) and to keep Japan weak (China). 

The sex slave myth is all a big scam.

The Kono statement was a cultural mistake by Kono. House Resolution 121 and the UN report are part of the big scam. Representative Mike Honda was behind 121. Many of his voters are Chinese and Korean, and he obviously hates Japan.
河野谈话是河野犯的一个文化错误。国会决议121和联合国报告是巨大谎言的一部分。众议院Mike Honda121的背后,许多他的支持者是中国人和韩国人,他明显讨厌日本。

I came into this with open mind, as I later will do with the Nanjing issue. My mind remains open to new evidence but the big scam already is obvious.

As for Nanjing, the people behind the Nanjing issue include Global Alliance, who also is behind the sex slave myth. Global Alliance. A name to watch. Much of this is hidden in plain view. 
至于南京,在南京问题的背后的人们包含了Global Alliance,其也存在于性奴神话的背后。Global Alliance,一个要去注意的名字,这里面很多被隐藏在了深处。

Global Alliance worked with the mentally ill Iris Chang. Chang allegedly wrote the rape of Nanjing. She went on a grand book tour smashing the Japanese. Google her name and Global Alliance. She later shot herself to death. She could not be trusted with gun, and so could not be trusted with a keyboard. They used her to sell the narrative. May she rest in peace.
Global Alliance与精神病患者张纯如共事。张纯如据说写了南京强奸,她持续一个盛大的图书巡回销售,为了粉碎日本人。用Google搜索她的名字和Global Alliance 她之后开枪自杀。她不相信枪,她也不相信键盘。它们使用她销售故事。愿她安息。

Global Alliance and some other related groups are dead center in the middle of the Nanjing campaign, and the sex slave lies. Eventually I will shift to Nanjing. If it turns out that I believe the allegations are true, I will say this. At minimum, it appears highly exaggerated. Similar appears to be true with 731. 
Global Alliance和其他有关的团体是南京运动和性奴谎言的中心。最终我将转移到南京。如果我相信的指控是真实的,我将说出来。最少,它明显是高度夸大的。似乎和731部队一样的真实类似。

Remember: these allegations are coming mostly from PRC, as does Global Alliance. Do you trust PRC?
记住:这些指控主要来自中国,如制作Global Alliance一样。你相信中国吗?

What definitely is true is that Global Alliance and others are using it to whip hatred against Japanese. They are trying to keep Japan's military weak while China expands its borders and Navy.
明确的事实是Global Alliance和其他人正用它来煽动对日本的仇恨。他们试图让日本军队衰弱同时让中国扩张边境和海军。

We all know that war crimes occurred on all sides. The Bataan Death March really happened. I went to Bataan in January. Nobody denies it happened, but this does not mean that all allegations about everything automatically are true. 

Likewise, people are accusing the USA of raping its way across Iraq and Afghanistan. I spent almost four years in those countries during the wars. It's all a lie. Our people did not commit these crimes other than some very limited cases of criminal activity.


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Yesterday, I created “Shanghai Back Saturday Crying Baby Staged Photo” page based on my recent study and put it on my webpage.

There is a tremendous amount of propaganda created by Chiang Kai-suk’s Chinese KMT politburo and the current Communist Party is trying to succeed the treacherous manipulation.

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Spoiling never brings peace. It only brings harm to both the spoiler and the spoiled.
This is a strict lesson that the Japanese ought to learn.