Wednesday, April 1, 2015

从Kent Gilbert在日本

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From Kent Gilbert in Japan:
Kent Gilbert在日本:

There Were Vietnamese Comfort Women for the Korean Troops!

A scoop article was published in the Shukan Bunshun magazine which went on sale today (April 2, Spring Special Bumper Issue) with the headline:
 "There Were Vietnamese Comfort Women for the Korean Troops!"


Beginning in 2013, TBS Television Washington Bureau Chief Noriyuki Yamaguchi obtained an enormous number of official documents from the Vietnam War era and preserved by the United States National Archives and Records Administration, and made a thorough study of their contents.

In the summer of 2014 he found an official document (criminal record) which detailed the fact that the Korean Army utilized Vietnamese women to work in a comfort woman facility in Saigon exclusively for Korean troops.

He then interviewed former U. S. marine officers who had knowledge of the situation at the time, for substantiation visited the actual site and conducted interviews, and today released this scoop.

How the Korean government handles this disclosure will no doubt be closely watched.


Moguro Fukuzo said...

During my trip to the U.S. to visit battlefields of the American Civil War I made 20 years ago, I stopped by a battleship war museum. I forgot the exact name of the battleship but it was Battleship Alabama I think. Inside the battleship I found the ruins of a Kamikaze Plane that dived into the ship and the names of the American sailors engraved in the metal plates. Those sailors were killed by the Kamikaze Plane.

Japan’s Hinomaru flags were also there and I could read the names and words written on the flags. Those names must be his loved ones and the town mayor who sent him out to the battle front. All visitors inside the ship appeared to be Americans and it was only me who looked like an Oriental man. I could hardly bear the tears well up in my eyes.

There is a popular song in Japan called “同期の桜” (“Cherry Blossoms of the Same Year”)


You and I are cherry blossoms of the same year
Blooming cherry blossoms in the garden of the same Air Force Academy
The buds of cherry trees know own fate that must fall as soon as a flower opens
Let us fall gravely
For the beloved country of ours

I don’t know where the souls of dead US sailors are believed to go. Is it the Arlington Cemetery or Walhara?

But it was only the Yasukuni Shrine the souls of the dead Kamikaze pilots should go. There is no other place than the Yasukuni Shrine where the souls our dead warriors are residing as the final resting place of the fighting men.

Moguro Fukuzo said...


Let us fall gravely
→Let us fall bravely

Moguro Fukuzo said...