Thursday, March 19, 2015

性奴隷とHerbert Ziegler

「日本の外務省は,米国の出版社であるMcGraw-Hillとプロパガンダを書いたハワイ大学の歴史学者である Herbert Ziegler教授に対して,教科書の記述をあらためるように申し入れたが双方から拒絶された.」







Herbert Ziegler on Sex-slaves
"Japan's Foreign Ministry has already attempted to persuade both McGraw-Hill and Herbert Ziegler, the University of Hawaii professor who wrote the paragraphs, to change the wording, and was rebuffed by both. Professor Ziegler last month told The Washington Post that he viewed the request as "an infringement of my freedom of speech and my academic freedom.""
Note from Michael Yon: I have read Professor Ziegler paragraphs and will include his entry below. 
His scholarship is off. I do not know if this is merely from poor scholarship, or if Professor Ziegler has some agenda. I have never spoken or communicated with Ziegler. If Professor Ziegler is academically honest, he will admit that his paragraphs are in error. There is no evidence that 200,000 women were taken in the way Ziegler describes. He is merely repeating talking points that have no basis in fact. He might have conducted his scholarship on Wikipedia.
This damages the prestige of McGraw-Hill. If the publisher correct this error, that is fine and can be forgotten. But if they do not correct this, McGraw-Hill will lose credibility, and that will be remembered.


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で、link 先 Sydney Morning Herald の記事の方ですが、記者名みてン?…おもった通り Washington Post からの(ほぼ)転載のようですね。筆者は同紙でいつもステキな記事をお書きの Anna Fifield 東アジア総局長。
今回はやや抑制ぎみに見えますが、Washington Post の方では同紙による Fairfax 郡の記念碑の記事にしっかり誘導。写真には件の Ziegler 教授の記事のを再掲してますが教科書の話題にしては何だかずれてる…というかいつもの印象操作ですか。


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As for the professors, journalists and politicians who spread fabricated stories about Comfort Women, they are either paid or utterly fool. They don't even bother to check the basic facts. I think the majority of them are China's agents and others are just mercenaries like Mike Honda, who will do anything for money (or vote).

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America is crazy.

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提案者の一人(筆頭?)Susan C. Lee 議員は the first Asian (and Chinese) American woman to be elected to the Maryland General Assembly で、She also belongs to [...], the Organization of Chinese Americans, and the League of Korean Americans of Maryland であると。

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