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日本——2战的性奴谎言 1 of 2

(Translation from English to Chinese)
Japan-World War II sex slave lies 

I continue to research the issue in Thailand. Koreans and Chinese say that Thai women were kidnapped by Japanese Soldiers in WWII and used as sex slaves. Thailand is even listed on the plaque at the comfort woman war memorial in GlendaleCalifornia. (I went there and saw it.)
I continue to ask old Thai people about stories from World War II, or from their parents. Neither I nor several other researchers have been able to find any evidence. In fact, there is evidence that the Japanese military and Thais actually were running the normal brothels. (The Comfort Women system existed and still exists worldwide. It is called prostitution.)

Last night I had dinner with two senior Thais (born in 1941 and 1946) and they said they never heard such stories from their parents, and that older generations liked Japanese. The elder Thais were surprised when I told them about the accusations against Japan. They never heard such a thing.

Do not take my word for it. If you are in Thailand, please ask elderly people in your area what they think. There are many Thai readers here. Please help by asking the oldest people you can find what they think about Japanese in World War II, and today.

It is important to note that during World War II, many Japanese soldiers actually were Korean. The reputation of Korean Soldiers is extremely bad from World War II and Vietnam. Extremely bad. 

The reputation of US Soldiers (I spent about six years in Europe and speak German) has nearly always been good or very good. In every country that I have been where US troops fought or were stationed, I ask what people think about our troops. 

On the whole, the reputation is very good, but there are pockets of ill-will. But then that happens even around major bases in the US.
Young troops + high testosterone + money in their pockets = Trouble. Most of the troops are good but that small percent of bad guys makes plenty of headlines. 

Keep in mind that in previous generations the US military could execute US troops who committed rape. Japanese actually did similar with their troops. Koreans...different story. 

Until just a few years ago, drunkenness was actually a rape defense in Korean courts. That's right. A Korean man could say he was drunk and that actually was a mitigating excuse. Try that excuse in the US Army and it will backfire like a howitzer exploding. Being drunk is no excuse for US troops -- that will make the legal problem even worse. 
直到几年前,在韩国法院醉酒竟是一个强奸的保护。确实。一个韩国男人能说他喝醉了而且这个确实是一个减轻的借口。试想这个借口在美国军队里,这将像一个榴弹炮爆炸的回火一样。对美军来说,喝醉酒不是借口 -- 将引起法律问题甚至更糟。

Exceptions to the good reputation of US troops typically occur due to crimes from individual US troops, such as rapes. There have been similar problems with Japanese. Definitely some limited rapes happen and happened. We know this as fact, but the idea of widespread sex-slavery by Japanese or widespread rapes by USA is sufficiently disproven to the point that I have dismissed it. 

Nevertheless, I do continue to look and will look in more countries to make sure that this is correct. I must remain open minded but the lack of evidence, and presence of counter-evidence, is astounding.

From the Stars & Stripes via Al Jazeera:


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