Wednesday, March 25, 2015






星空 said...

Dear Michael Yon,



Moguro Fukuzo said...

For the past few years, I have seen Korean flatterers such as Frank Quintero, Mindy Kotler, Mike Honda and Kath Donovan. They are the shame of American democracy. I was about to revise my views on America. I thought New England had already become New Korealand and America had become Chamerica.

However, Mr. Yon and Texas Daddy are the proof that common sense and rationality still exist in the United States.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

Don’t forget that Australia had become Aust-korea and Sidney had become Sinaney. There are so many Hong Kongnees in Canada that Vancouver is now called Honcouver.

But why do we find so many Chinese and Korean roaches everywhere in the world?

One statistics show that 70% of Koreans want to immigrate to other countries and, almost all the Chinese want to get out of China.

So much patriotism of the Chinese and Koreans! They are disappointed about their own countries and their so-called “patriotism” is only to search history books in the library and denounce Japan based on falsified fantasies.

If you love your country, you want to make your country rich and beautiful. You want to stay in your country, make your neighbors happy and grow your own culture.

As Fukuzawa Yukichi said about 100 years ago, we have no time to get along with those Asian thugs.

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