Thursday, March 26, 2015

一些韩国人通过虐待动物煽动对日本人的仇恨 1/3

(Translation from English to Chinese)
Some Koreans Torturing Animals to Provoke hatred toward Japanese

These animal torture people are related as soulmates to the groups who want to build comfort women statues in the USACanada, and Australia.

Time to start ripping out those statues and throwing them in the trash. Statues in places like GlendaleCalifornia and Union CityNew Jersey, are installed by the Korean/PRC allies of these animal torturing people in Korea.
是时候把这些雕像铲除和丢弃到垃圾中去了。在一些地方,如Glendale,加利福尼亚州和Union City,新泽西,这些雕像是被在韩国的虐待动物者的中国和韩国盟友建立的。

If your local City Council is considering installing a comfort woman statue in CanadaUSAGermany, or Australia -- please ask the council if they wish to be associated with people who torture animals.

These people all are related to the same anti-Japanese movement. 

Please do not take my word for it. Please spend just a few hours of research to see for yourself. You will see that this is true.

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