Thursday, March 26, 2015

如果你们允许在日本大使馆前的日本狗屠杀行为 2/3

Note to Koreans: If you allow the slaughter of Japanese dogs in front of the Japanese Embassy -- You will lose MILLIONS OF AMERICAN FRIENDS. You will alienate most of Europe, Thailand, Australia, Canada, UK.

If Koreans want to see a boycott of Samsung and other Korean products, slaughtering Japanese dogs as a protest is a perfect way to get there. Celebrating attacking our Ambassador is a perfect way to get there. If this gets picked up widely in western press...good luck!

Note that came in:

"South Koreans protesters killing and slaughtering dogs, the Japanese Akita breeds, in front of the Japanese embassy in Korea. Anti-Japanese does this "show", as they rant how Japan is a terrible country from World War II. South Korean government does nothing, but instead funds them, as one attacked the US ambassador this month. I do not like the image, but if you can go to the link and click the image to take away the mosiac and see the actual photo."

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