Saturday, March 28, 2015


China: The 11 Billion Bones Monument 

China is busy with a gigantic information war. The war they are waging is so big that it is difficult to grasp.

One aspect of that war is their monuments to hatred that they call "peace monuments." Statues for so-called comfort women. The so-called peace statues are designed to evoke hatred against Japanese, to split our relations.

Where are the peace monuments for China's recent genocide?

An estimated 50 million people were killed and starved to death during the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution.

This Chinese on Chinese genocide happened during living memory. Yet the world seems to have forgotten it due to China's magic spells.

I imagine a monument that befits the People's Republic of China. A symbolic, traveling monument.

The monument should consist of two container ships. The container ships symbolize that the Chinese government will do anything or kill anyone for money and power. 

Again, by some estimates, 50 million people starved or were killed in the recent Chinese genocides. 

Adult humans have about 206 bones in our bodies -- babies about 270. Imagine those 50 million people with an average of 220 bones -- that is 11 billion bones, weighing about 700 million pounds.

To transport 50 million skeletons weighing about 700 million pounds would require roughly 12,000, 40 foot shipping containers. 
为了运送5000万个,重约7亿磅重的骨头,需要大概1200040 英尺长的船运集装箱

Two ships would be needed to transport 12,000 containers.

Imagine that as a monument. 

The 11 Billion Bones monument. 

Two ships, sailing to ports around the world to show how China got here.
The monument ships should be fitted with lights spelling their names.
The name of Ship 1 should be GREAT LEAP FORWARD. 
Ship 2 should be named CULTURAL REVOLUTION.
The names of the bone ships should be in lights. 
The ships should sail around the coastlines of all the Pacific countries, and then the Indian Ocean, around Africa, and over to the Atlantic.
Imagine ships like this, but with the proper names in lights:



Anonymous said...

Some American Democratic party members giving a pressure to Abe. What they saying is they allow Abe to speech in the congress but Abe must applogize for a confort woman and Nanjin instead.

If this is the intention of whole Americans, we should abrogate the alliance. We can not go together any longer.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

>Where are the peace monuments for China's recent genocide?

After the PRC was established, China invaded Mongol, Uygur and Tibet and killed hundreds and thousands of people in the process. One researcher estimates that 1.2 million Tibetans were killed as they were peaceful Buddhists and did not fight..

China grabbed the southern half of the Mongol (they call it “Inner Mongol”) and the entire East Turkistan (the present day “Frontier Uygur”).

China’s military aggression is boundless, but there are many Panda Huggers everywhere in the world especially in the United States.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

One forgotten genocide nobody mentions is Korean War.

Mao used former KMT (Kuo-ming-tang 国民党) Nationalist forces for the aid of North Korea.

This means he eradicated his potential enemy using the firepower of the U.S. Army.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

Chinese call such tactics as “借刀殺人” (to kill someone borrowing the swords of others).