Wednesday, March 25, 2015

韩国应该以日本为榜样跟随美国 2 of 2

(Translation from English to Chinese)
Korea should follow the US example with Japan

Korea must also realize that the more it blames Japan for atrocities, the more it will reawaken American memories that many Koreans were Japanese soldiers, and the Koreans have a reputation of brutality towards Americans and other prisoners. The war is over. Time to move on.

Korea must also understand that PM Shinzo Abe is most welcome in the USA, yet President Park is sounding increasingly like a nutcase who is agitating and causing problems for us all. Behind the curtain is China, who plays this agitation for China's own ends.

Notice how China is using the new banking system to split us, and using many other information and real operations that are full spectrum: Economic. Intelligence. Propaganda. Political. Military. 

China is fighting like an octopus. They are trying to isolate Japan and split US relations with many countries. Our own government is inept in that it also helps to alienate many allies.


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The mind of PRC is about 70 years old.
The mind of USA is about 240 years old.
The mind of Japan is well over 2000 years old.

The mind of PRC is like that of a baby, claiming everything it wants as its own, self-centered, near-sighted, and numb to all the harm, destruction, and disharmony it is causing.

The mind of USA is like that of a juvenile, wanting to see itself as heroic, right, and glorious, unable to come out of the childish mental paradigm of seeing everything in terms of "us against evil."

The mind of Japan is like that of an elderly, feeling powerless, dull to what is going on around it, and heavily caught up in a sense of guilt to the point that it considers apologizing and giving money are reasonable solutions to any unreasonable blame.

Maybe the relative proximity in substantial age is one of the hidden reasons the US tends to fall toward siding with PRC rather than with Japan. At least on an emotional level.