Tuesday, January 26, 2016

日本:海兵隊員 ティム・リンチとJICA

日本について:  海兵隊員 ティム・リンチとJICA

JICAはUSAID(米国際開発局) の日本版である。
私が 親友のティムとアフガニスタンで知り合ったとき、彼は米国海兵隊軍人であった。

ティムは当時、JICAと共に活動していて、いつも彼らのことを褒めていた。 私がJICAについて知ったのは ティムのおかげだ。アフガン戦争のそのときまで、JICAのことなど知らなかった。JICAが活動していた場所のアフガン人は JICA が大好きなようだった。









我々 マイケル ヨン チームも日本を応援します。

Japan: Marine Tim Lynch writes about JICA
JICA is the Japanese equivalent of USAID. Tim is a retired US Marine officer who spent years all over Afghanistan. We became good friends there.
Tim worked with JICA and always said great things about them, which was my introduction to JICA. I did not know about JICA until the Afghanistan war. Afghans loved JICA in the places they worked.
Finally I was with some JICA people in Ghor Province (which seems near the planet Pluto -- look it up and see), and the excellent Lithuanian military contingent there was providing security for JICA. I was actually with the Lithuanians but they were with JICA.
I got the feeling that JICA did not really need security there because Afghans liked JICA people.
Finally, I published about JICA, very positively in about 2009 or 10. This was before I had any serious relationship with Japan. Later I saw JICA doing good work in Myanmar and Philippines. JICA brings goodwill to Japan with their important projects.
Separately, Tim told me the sad story of a Japanese man who was living in a village in Afghanistan. Tim said that some Japanese do this. They just move to a foreign country, live in a village for many years and help people with water or whatever. 
Tim said that this village apparently loved a Japanese man who did this, but that some kidnappers came to take him. 
The villagers gave chase and the Japanese man could not keep up, so the kidnappers shot him in the leg(s) maybe thinking the villagers would stop chasing them to help the Japanese man. 
But this killed the Japanese man, and according to Tim the villagers chased down the kidnappers and killed them. Tim went out to recover his body.

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