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Korea and China: The Amazing Information War against Japan, the USA, Australia, and more.



2015年6月24日 The Korea Times

★9月までに米国で開催される慰安婦のデモンストレーション(Korea Times)
 The Korea Times ロサンゼルススタッフ

8月15日の、日本植民地支配からの第70回独立記念日の前にあわせておこなわれる。韓国では、前の慰安婦は ― 第二次世界大戦中に日本兵によって強制的に性的奴隷にされた若い女性たち ― 過去10年間、毎週水曜日に日本大使館の前に集まって抗議してきた。
KAFCのKim Hyun-jungさんは、生き残った慰安婦はあと50人いるのみだと言う。「私は韓国系米国人の皆さんがこの問題に興味を持ち、一致団結して力をあわせることをのぞみます。慰安婦のことはロサンゼルスでの努力と他の韓国系アメリカコミュニティによって世界中に知られるようになってきました」
さらなる情報は 213-880-7992へ電話してください。
KAFCのKim Hyun-jungさんは、現在進行中である日本による慰安婦への謝罪を求めていることについて韓国系アメリカ人の学生に講演をおこなった。


Korea and China: The Amazing Information War against Japan, the USA, Australia, and more. I am in Australia now researching this war against us. Check out this schedule of demonstrations/events:
Subject: Comfort women demonstrations to be held in US cities through September (The Korea Times 6/24/2015)

★ Comfort women demonstrations to be held in US cities through September (The Korea Times 6/24/2015)
By The Korea Times Los Angeles staff

The Korean American Forum of California announced it would hold a demonstration requesting an apology for comfort women outside the Japanese Consulate General in Los Angeles Wednesday, followed by a series of demonstrations around US cities until September.
The demonstrations come ahead of the 70th anniversary of Korean independence from Japanese colonialism, celebrated August 15.
In South Korea, former comfort women - young girls forced into sexual slavery by Japanese soldiers during World War II - have gathered every Wednesday in front of the Japanese Embassy for 10 years.
Kim Hyun-jung, KAFC head, said there are only about 50 surviving comfort women left.
"I hope Korean Americans can combine their power through the interest in this issue, which has become known around the world through efforts in Los Angeles and by other Korean American communities," Kim said.
For more Information, call 213-880-7992 .
Korean American Forum of California head Kim Hyun-jung spoke to students of the Korean American Coalition about the ongoing issue with the comfort women's requests of apology from Japan Tuesday. (The Korea Times)
Korean American Forum of California head Kim Hyun-jung spoke to students of the Korean

★ Korea: UN Human Rights Commissioner, "efforts to resolve" met with former comfort women (daily 6/24/2015)
毎日新聞 2015年06月24日 19時31分(最終更新 06月24日 19時41分)
South Korea the United Nations of Zaid High Commissioner for Human Rights during the visit to the 24th, in Seoul of the museum was like to the theme violence of war to women, met with Korean women three former comfort women of the Imperial Japanese Army. According to the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is to meet with the former comfort women visited Korea for the first time. According to the officials, Mr. Zaid said "the United Nations to work towards the resolution of the problem" in the meeting.
The Korean side, inside and outside the impression with the comfort women issue is a women's human rights issues by meeting, we found that there is an aim of approaching the correspondence to the Japanese side. Predecessor Pirei Mr. Mr. Zaid said in a statement last August, the Japanese government is "comprehensive, fair, lasting solution" have criticized and did not pursue the (joint)
UN Zaid High Commissioner for Human Rights to meet with Korean women of the original comfort women (right) = KYODO
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights comfort women victims and visitation
UN Zaid High Commissioner for Human Rights to meet with Korean women of the original comfort women (right) = KYODO

★ "human rights museum of war and women."
2012/05/02 日本軍慰安婦博物館 開館慰安婦博物館

★ PKO personnel, voice of anger and "what has been integrally anywhere in the country" to have sexual relations in return for support (J-Cast News 6/12/2015)
PKO隊員、支援の見返りに性的関係持つ 「一体どこの国がしていたのか」と怒りの声
2015/6/12 19:10

★ High Commissioner for Human Rights Zaid Hussein (2014 - present) Jordan Prince Zeid bin Ra'ad

★ United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is willingness to resolve visitation problem with the original comfort women (Yonhap News 6/24/2015)
Visit to Korea in the United Nations of Zaid Hussein High Commissioner for Human Rights is the 24th, he met with former Japanese army of former comfort women from.
Hussein, who visited South Korea to attend the United Nations North Korea human rights office opening ceremony of which was held in Seoul 23 days, the "War and women human rights museum," the Korean volunteer corps problem measures council of civil society organizations operated I visited, was facing the three former comfort women.
That the top of the United Nations agencies dealing with human rights issues is to meet with former comfort women, we found to be a highlight anew the wake of the Imperial Japanese Army of the comfort women issue in women's human rights during the war.
In addition, it is out to the view that if not become an indirect message to promote the resolution of the comfort women issue to the Japanese government.
Hussein said at the meeting that was held in private to "collectively the request of Obasan-tachi (former comfort women), the United Nations is going to efforts to resolve the problem" in terms of was, he said it should go in Kataritsui damage it is to have.
Mr. Hussein also showed a high level of interest and look around and comfort women-related video and pictures have been exhibited in the museum.
After meeting with former comfort women, Mr. Hussein while told reporters as "this experience was impressive impressive", and continued contact with the former comfort women, was talking to would like to meet as much as possible.
In addition, it was explained that "(toward resolving issues) are in consultation with the two countries officials" about the role of the United Nations in Korea-Japan relations over the comfort women issue.

★ "to efforts to resolve" the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, which met in the comfort women victims (JoongAng Ilbo 6/25/2015)
Zaid-Raado Zaid Al-Hussein United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights is to meet former Japanese military comfort women victims, he said that efforts to solve the problem. Zaid Mr.'re top of the UN human rights field.
Zaid highest representative who visited Korea for Seoul opening ceremony of the United Nations North Korea human rights field office on January 24, visit the "War and women human rights museum," the Korean volunteer corps problem measures Council (volunteer corps measures cooperation) operated is, comfort women victims of gold Fukudo (Kim Bokudon) Mr. (89), Ball Yoshimoto (Kill U~on'oku) 's (86), it was met with RiHiroshi洙(Lee Soo)' s (86). Interviews of the day, Mr. Lewman it clear intention "I want to quietly listen to the story of the old woman who" was realized. Zaid said that had been received in writing about the circumstances of the pre-comfort women victims.
When Yoon Mihyan volunteer corps measures cooperation representative "grandmother who says" thank you ", Zaid said," grandmother who's age similar to my mother. I often hear the words of the mother. Mothers It told the contents of the interview and answered "to be" an effort by the United Nations in order to resolve that it has spoken. Interview With Kim's talk as "we are it is important to speak once is better, such as Zaid Commissioner than speak" in, Lewman said real voice of the grandmother that "survival is important, there is a force. Grandmother that answered is my advisory committee. "
Lewman said after the meeting, told reporters et al., "Nabanesemu-Pirei highest representative of the senior who expressed their position on pain of comfort women victims, I also have to do so," and in order to speak for "comfort women of position It said it would endeavor to ". The "It's scheduled to meet also Secretary met with (Park Geun) president, but to meet in three people than it was thought that's more important," he said.
On this day, the comfort women victims and with the emblem that symbolizes the comfort women issue damage to jacket of Mr. Lewman, it sent a "peace monument" obtained by reducing the comfort women girl image. Mr. RiHiroshi洙 is "so who have heard our story and carrying bother foot, there is a confidence that towards the resolution," he said.\

★ South Korea comfort women History Museum August open in Daegu (Yonhap News 6/24/2015)
Guangfu (liberation from colonial rule by Japan) August to greet the '70 15 days, Historical Museum on the comfort women of the Imperial Japanese Army "Hiumu Japanese military comfort women History Museum" is to open in Daegu of South Korea southeast.
Life and activities of the hardship of the city and the comfort women victims 26 people of North Gyeongsang Province (survivors five), it's history museum to introduce the history of the movement of the associated comfort women issue, which has been deployed in the region.
Comfort women make a civil society founded plan that has continued to have an interest in the problem, to collect the funds, in that it has managed to opening is more than five years, may also be mentioned as one of the achievements of the civic movement.
To open History Museum about the comfort women is in South Korea is in the Gyeonggi Province, Guangzhou City, "the Japanese military comfort women History Museum", of Busan "ethnic and women History Museum", next to the "War and women human rights museum" of Seoul it becomes the fourth.
◇ to the opening through twists and turns
History Museum founded business in December 2009, civil society organizations, "a collection of citizens with labor volunteer corps Harumoni (grandmother)" began from the inception of the Japanese military comfort women History Museum Promotion Committee at the heart.
In the comfort women victims will die becomes elderly, civil society attention to commemorative project, I was promoting the establishment of the Historical Museum.
The maximum of the walls of the business was a huge amount of project cost.
2010 victims of the gold order dake to social welfare Community Chest of Japan of social welfare corporation half of heritage when (Kim Sun'aku) Mr. died, donated the rest to fund the establishment of the Historical Museum. Donation about 58 million won at this time (about 6.5 million yen at the current rate) was all of the project cost at the time.
The organization, also as a civil society led the Historical Museum founded business, project cost was claimed that should be borne by the local authorities and government.
However, because the government did not show signs such as this, we embarked on a campaign for funds collected, selling products of the brand "Hiumu" which launched for the purpose of earning business, was performed pooled its profits. "Hiumu" stands Korean means "bloom flowers hope", it was also attached to the name of the History Museum.
As a result, it is possible to buy the land and buildings in July 2013, it has been working on the history museum of design, swell than the project cost of the original plan, completion period has also been extended several times destination.
And women and Family who knew that the trouble has come out in the establishment of the Historical Museum in financial difficulty and Daegu City belatedly helped by 200 million won.
Of the approximately 1.2 billion 50 million won of the total project cost, it accounted for the highest percentage campaigns and in profits of about 700 million won of product sales, which was developed for the organization fund collection.
◇ Japanese house of the colonial era in the history museum
In the History Museum a large construction work is finished, the task of arranging the interior before the opening of August have been made.
The group, after the liberation from colonial rule by Japan, to buy the building that the Japanese had left, was reborn as a historical museum.
The building was built in the 1920s, although the remnants of the colonial era (residue), was selected the renovation rather than new construction in the sense that take advantage of the history of the place. The appearance of the building was left the original atmosphere. The building is large and old for repair parts, it was required more time than the new construction effort.
History Museum the ground the second floor, in the entire area of about 280 square meters, exhibition room, video room, education room, collection boxes and the like.
The first floor of the permanent exhibition rooms, exhibit materials relating movement toward resolution comfort women issue and Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province of comfort women victims. We will introduce the video testimony and various activities of the victim in the video room.
Second floor of the Exhibition Room's space for special exhibitions. Comfort women issue and peace in the education room, such as a course on human rights is opened. The collection box nation recorded material the organization is held are stored.
Staircase leading from the first floor to the second floor, has a gallery to exhibit the work of the gold's early victims, rooftop plaza is used as an event space, such as performances and outdoor exhibition.
Lee Insun office Sho-cho of the organization seems to have fear or not from being forgotten without being liquidated survivors past history of the "comfort women victims. Citizens to visit the Historical Museum, in particular, youth I said I want you to have an interest "for the resolution of the victim's pain and comfort women issue.
To open in August, "Hiumu Japanese military comfort women History Museum" = the 24th, Daegu (Yonhap News)
To open in August, "Hiumu Japanese military comfort women History Museum" = the 24th, Daegu (Yonhap News)

★ original labor volunteer corps also women from the loss賠litigation appeal plaintiff = Korea (Yonhap News 6/24/2015)
After the ruling, we rejoice plaintiffs = the 24th, Gwangju (Yonhap News)
After the ruling, we rejoice plaintiffs = the 24th, Gwangju (Yonhap News)

★ volunteer corps: Mr. Shin Takahashi "buy time MHI sin becomes heavy" (Chosun Ilbo 6/25/2015)

★ volunteer corps: Gwangju mayor "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries should be carried out as soon as possible compensation" (Chosun Ilbo 6/25/2015)

★ [Column] and disparages the neighboring Park Geun diplomacy that accounted for his neck (Chosun Ilbo 6/24/2015)


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