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慰安婦物語について引き続き調査するため、今朝、 シドニーについた。中国人と韓国人はストラスフィールドに慰安婦像を建てようとしていて、いつもの通り、また面倒を引き起こしている。

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J.T. いつか行きたいと思うよ。良いところらしいからね。

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いくつかは論理的な選択に見える — カリフォルニアのグランデールのように。そこには多くの韓国人、中国人、日本人がいる。(悲しいことだが、アメリカ在住の多くの日本人が「20万人も誘拐した」などのアンチ日本の巧言を信じている — そんなことは無い)





Australia -- I landed in Sydney this morning to continue research on the comfort women saga. Chinese and Koreans are trying to install a comfort woman statue in the town of Strathfield, and as per normal they are stirring up trouble.

JT Gonna visit Oz one day. Looks like a great place. 

Why Strathfield? Is there some connection in that town to the "comfort women" story?

JT This is a good question and one that we have discussed quite often. For instance why did they pick Union City, New Jersey, when very few Chinese, Koreans, or Japanese live there? 

They are targeting numerous cities around the USA, and now Canada (Burnaby), not to mention in Europe and Asia. 

Some of the choices seem logical -- such as Glendale, California because there are many Koreans, Chinese and Japanese there. (Sadly, many Japanese in America actually believe the anti-Japan rhetoric re 200,000 kidnap victims -- which never happened.)

Anyway, there are sensible people in all of these towns, including Strathfield, who are working to do what is right for their communities.

Meanwhile the Koreans are trying to smooze the Strathfield City Council into a posh trip to Korea. Sensible people on the commission see that this is trouble. Some others like the mayor seem to be struggling more. I have asked to meet him but he did not respond.

My meetings begin tomorrow.

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