Tuesday, July 21, 2015

WARNING on Representative Mike Honda

WARNING on Representative Mike Honda
Longtime readers know that I have often made controversial warnings in my writing. Sometimes those warnings caused much controversy, but in each and every case the warnings have proven true:
1) I said Rolling Stone magazine was lying about Afghanistan in 2010-2011 and launched a boycott against Rolling Stone. As per normal, many people said I must have ulterior motives. But they were wrong. Rolling Stone was lying and rotten, and I said so.
This year Rolling Stone was busted hands down for lying about a rape case at a university. They just made up 'facts' just as they had done in Afghanistan. Whole cloth lies which damaged peoples' lives. Luckily I was able to defend the Soldiers in Afghanistan. The Rolling Stone lies about the rape case at the university was exposed by others.
2) 'Journalist' Michael Hastings: Likewise busted. He wrote for Rolling Stone. Hastings is dead. He crashed his Mercedes into a palm tree in Hollywood and exploded. I visited the palm tree last year while doing research on the comfort women issues. The palm tree is alive and well.
3) Brigadier General Daniel Menard: Very popular figure at the time. My warnings about him caused furious uproar. Due directly to my work, Menard was relieved of command, busted in rank to Colonel, kicked out off the Canadian Army and earlier this year was in jail for alleged gun running in Afghanistan. (The jail in Afghanistan was not due to my work -- the part about being relieved of command and busted to colonel was a result of my research.)
4) CJ Grisham -- Master Sergeant USA (now retired). Returned home from Afghanistan and became a convicted criminal, and more. He was a popular blogger for awhile, trading on stolen valor which I busted. Today he is in the news due to carrying AR-15 rifles into places like McDonald's and Starbucks. Grisham has published that he hears voices in his head. How do you feel about someone who hears voices in his head walking down the toy section of Walmart while carrying an AR-15?
5) General Stanley McChrystal: This was a very controversial topic when I recommended he be fired from Afghanistan. Later he was fired based on statements he made about President Obama (reported in Rolling Stone by Hastings above...) 
6) Soldier's Angels Charity. Again, very controversial when I recommended against them, but my warnings led to the exposure of much of their wastes.
7) US Ambassador to Thailand Kristie Kenney. Where to start? She is gone now.
There have been others. In all cases, my warnings turned out to be correct. It is important to note that I do not make these recommendations from thin air. Warnings always are based on research. 
Think of these warnings like hurricane warnings on sunny days. The meteorologist is using many sensors and not just making up 'stuff.' He sees things that most people will not see unless they stop to look at the satellite images. To the meteorologist, the picture is clear -- he does not know where the hurricane is going, but he knows there is a hurricane and that it is going somewhere.
Hurricane Honda: We see clearly that Honda is rotten. We do not know how this will play out, but we know he is rotten.
Honda is mobbed up with Korean and Chinese interests. We know this with 100% certainty (100% being a term I seldom use.)
I have written about Honda many times, as many people may recall.
And now finally Honda is being investigated.
Why were we watching Honda? Because he his part of the anti-Japanese Coalition working to split the USA from Japan. This brought him on our radar, and after he got on the radar we saw what he is doing.
Honda is rotten...mark my word.

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