Monday, July 6, 2015

Japan: Sankei Shimbun today

Japan: Sankei Shimbun today
I was told that an article came out on page three mentioning our work in Strathfield, Australia. Sankei told me the link will be published tomorrow. 
PRC and Korean provocateurs are trying to cause hatred against the Japanese here by erecting a comfort woman statue in Strathfield. 
Tomorrow, Tuesday, 07 July, the Strathfield City Council will hold a meeting on the matter. I would like to attend but must fly to Tokyo tomorrow. If you are interested in this matter, please attend the meeting. 
This is important. The hate-statues are part of a larger information war aimed at Japan and all of Japan's most important alliances.
This is a normal propaganda campaign to create enough hatred to go to war. The master behind the curtain is PRC -- China. South Korea is China's emotional puppet on this topic. 
China and the two Koreas work hand in hand to stoke anti-Japan hatred, even as South and North Korea constantly threaten to annihilate each other. As countries go, the two Koreas are flatly insane. 
PRC is more calculating and strategic and thus is able to play puppet master for the two Koreas.
Remember, and this is important, the Korean man who tried to assassinate our Ambassador in Korea this year also attacked the Japanese Ambassador to Korea some years ago. Kim Ki-Jon was lauded as a hero for the attack on the Japanese Ambassador, and people sent him cash donations. 
Kim Ki-Jon is a hard leftist who was proudly photographed next to the comfort woman hate-statue in Seoul. These statues are designed to spark and fuel hatred and violence, and they work. 
Do not let this be installed in Australia. Tears will follow.


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ヨン氏はシドニーから東京に戻ったのですね。we achieved a great deal on the CW statue isseとあるので具体的成果が聞けると期待してます。像の設置についての決定は8月になるようですね。

彼は、今回の世界遺産登録で政府がforced to workや against their willを文中に入れるのを許してしまったことをどう思うでしょうか。日本政府は性懲りもなく同じ間違いを繰り返したと思われそうです。

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We achieved a great deal on the comfort women hate-statue issue in Strathfield. But the fight is still on and the city council said today they will make a decision in August.

Outside of that fight, Australia was great and it is also good to be back in Japan. If you have never been to Asia, now is the time. There is much to see and learn