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Michael Yon
February 5, 2015

"Japan is hamstrung by history" 
The time is here. Japan must again stand on its own legs, and never apologize for being strong. 
Japan must not apologize for exercising sovereignty. Japan must not ask permission to defend itself. All debts from the past are settled. 
No more apologies. If China or Korea want more apologies, they should demand regret from the winds and from the seas.


イモセ太郎 said...

The most important Egg of Columbus for us, Japanese, is this!
You just break a tiny part of your eggshell and you can stand alone on your end!
Thanks, Michael, for your wake-up call!

kyoko wakaba said...




「1938年   (15歳)  インドネシアのスマランで慰安婦生活を始める」と記載されています。



I!m The Evidenceとうロゴがトップページにありますが、本当に腹が立ちます。

Anonymous said...


Moguro Fukuzo said...

Yes. This is the wake-up call for us.

Today, we are faced with two kinds of thugs: ISIS thugs and CCP thugs.

- ISIS thugs
I think the U.S. will soon begin the siege operation encircling the area dominated by the ISIS. Providing food and water for refugees behind this “iron curtain” would be a problem. Japan can do much for this area. The long-term “war on terror” is another issue to address. Our fast-developing nano-technology would contribute this area too. It would be a fantastic idea that the conventional corridors and steel containers will become a dog’s nose to sniff out airborne particles of gunpowder.

- CCP thugs
If China resorts to a war, Japan will give a massive blow to its nose and the dirty pig will die soon. However, the death of one dirty pig will mean the birth of many other dirty pigs, meaning the civil war inside China.

Even without a war, the current economic slowdown will create a significant number of jobless people. One estimate says that 230 million jobless people, twice the number of the Japan’s population, are now roaming about from one city to another. This will lead to a more number of mob riots, civil commotions and eventually a civil war. The Chinese Communist Party will die in the process, violently. Separation of China into smaller bits of countries will not go as peacefully as Soviet Union. There will be warring states against each other.

However, the here is one thing you have to remember. Oooooooops! They have nuclear missiles. Tell me who will safely remove and put them under the custody of international administration such as IAEA. It must be the role of the US 7th fleet and Japan’s SDF.

I don’ care about millions who may die from the civil war as far as it occurs inside the Chinese mainland. However, detonation of another nuclear weapon in the hands of terrorists or mob rioters should be prevented at all costs. Worse than that, those money worshipping monsters called “Chinese” may sell them to the black market.

Further, the collapse of the CCP will mean the collapse of the North Korean Labor Party. Soon or later, China will stop its supply of food and oil to N. Korea and power generation inside N. Korea will become impossible. This means that a large number of N. Korean refugees will cross the 38th parallel. S. Korea, whose population is 50 million, will have to feed 20 million hungry ghosts. Anyone with common sense will say President Park has no time to enjoy Japan-bashing. However, as one proverb says, a fool is a fool after all until he (or she) dies.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

China’s slow death into hell will be a most serious issue of the world in coming 5 years.

Since its first unification in 221 b.c., China has experienced more than 160 times of large-scale civil wars, which means once in every three years in average. Even after the establishment of the present PRC, there were Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution in which millions had died of starvation, torture or mass killings. The peaceful period of these 20 to 30 years would be the exception in the long run.

One Chinese novelist has characterized today’s China as four extremes. 中国の四最:人口最多、資源最小、欲望最大、道徳最低: the extreme number of population; the extreme scarcity of resources; the extreme amount of human desire; and the extremely low public morale.

This today’s Sodom and Gomorra will break apart soon.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

wrong: which means once in every three years in average

correct: which means one year of war in every three years on average

Takeshi said...

The Treaty of Shimonoseki
Article 1: China recognizes definitively the full and complete independence and autonomy of Korea, and, in consequence, the payment of tribute and the performance of ceremonies and formalities by Korea to China, that are in derogation of such independence and autonomy, shall wholly cease for the future.


Moguro Fukuzo said...

I think Koreans are underestimating the anger of the Japanese. For the first time in history, they are faced with the Japanese people seriously hostile to them.

After the comfort women memorial was put up in Glendale, California, there were many anti-Korea meetings held all over Japan. I participated at one of them held in Yokohama and was shocked to see the angry faces of my fellow countrymen. It was my first experience in my life of over 50 years that I saw more than 100 persons were so enraged in stern faces and openly foul-mouthing about Koreans.

Not many analysts have seriously investigated on the long-term effect of this hostile relationship they have created.

Anonymous said...

thank you.thank you!!!!!!!

S aki said...



Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Michael Yon

First Of all,I appreciate you for your comment here.

I want you to introduce 'FDR-the other side of coin' written by Hamilton Fish in 1975 to the USA people, who was the 1940 president candidate of the Republic.

According to the book, FDR wanted to invite some spectacle event which would lead the USA to plunge into the European war under the tough anti- war movement . It was dragging the Japan into the war with the USA.
FDR had the tacit meeting with Churchill in the August 1941 and they came to conclusion

The USA haneded The ultimatum(Hull note) 1941-11-26
to the Japan which wasn't known to most of the USA people. Of course FDR knew the attack on the Pearl Harbour a week before an attack happened, but didn't inform the commander in chief of the passibility, because of his wicked intention