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Michael Yon
February 16, 2015

Japan to give USD 15 million to fight terror in Mideast, Africa 
Abe is doing the right thing. Japan should not back down. And while on the subject, there is a far bigger threat: China. Time to rewrite Article 9. Many Americans likely will agree that it is time to reexamine Article 9. But first Americans must see accurate information, and then many surely will agree that the time has come for Japan to build a military capacity that will cause the Chinese dragon to think before it bites.


Moguro Fukuzo said...

I believe the real nature of China’s threat is that we do not know exactly what will happen during and after the destruction of the CCP.

The end of the property bubble will cause the following chain reaction very soon.

Current slowdown in housing industry
→Shadow-banking will be wiped out.
→A large number of workers will become jobless.
→Those jobless people will cause civil commotion and riots here and there.
→The CCP will face another Tiananmen Square Incident and will be blown into pieces in the rebellion.
→China will be disintegrated into the Civil War.

See the CCP rats are fleeing to the U.S., Australia, Canada, and elsewhere with a lot of money. They know very well that the PRC will sink like Titanic soon.

In order to clearly understand the possible threat to the world peace arising out of China, we have to monitor the death of the Dirty Pig in the dirty continent. The military power of China? It is Paper Tiger and can be destroyed at any time. Japan has been a dragon-slayer for the past 700 years and we are good at it.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

Japan has been a dragon-slayer for the past 700 years and is willing to become a dragon-slayer again.

13th century - China under Mongolian Dynasty tried to invade Japan but their army was repulsed twice by Japan’s Kanakura Shogunate. Mongolian Dynasty became weak and, facing a great rebellion of 紅巾の乱(Red-bands), fled to the North.

16th century – Japan under Toyotomi Hideyoshi tried to invade Ming Dynasty China. Although Japan’s Army was invincible with a significant number of advanced muskets, all daimyos were reluctant to continue the battles and boycotted the war effort. With a peace treaty ratified, Japan withdrew the force making the result of the war drawn. Ming Dynasty became weak and, facing a great rebellion of 李自成の乱(Ri-jisei-no-ran), the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty committed suicide by hanging himself so he could avoid being stabbed to death by lowly peasants who assaulted the Forbidden Palace. The Ming Dynasty was finally defeated by the Manchurian Qing Dynasty.

19th century – Manchurian Qing Dynasty was no match against the modern Japan. Seeing the Qing Dynasty was just a Paper Tiger after its defeat in the First Sino-Japanese War, western powers cut-up China into pieces.

20th century – Japan occupied one-third of China in the Second Sino-Japanese War. Had the United States not jeopardized Japan’s war effort, the entire China would have been occupied by Japan and, there would had been no Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, Tiananmen Square Massacre and all other CCP craps. China would have become a more civilized society.