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昨日,Mr. Katsuhiko Takaike(高池勝彦 氏)と会い,何時間か話し合った.彼は朝日新聞に対する名誉毀損訴訟の主任弁護士だ.朝日新聞社は世界でも有数な新聞社である.これは1980年代初頭から朝日新聞が発表し始めた嘘の記事を中心に訴訟しているものである.


昨日,聞いたMr. Takaike(高池 氏)の話によると,

1)  最初の訴訟は24,000人の原告
2) 二番目は2,000人の原告
3) 三番目は400人の原告



Michael Yon
February 26, 2015

Japan: Lawsuits against Asahi Shimbun newspaper 
Yesterday I met for several hours with Mr. Katsuhiko Takaike, who is chief counsel a defamation lawsuit against Asahi Shimbun. Asahi is one of the biggest newspapers in the world. 
This lawsuit revolves around dozens of false stories published by Asahi, starting in the early 1980s. Many of the stories contain false allegations that Japan was involved in widespread sex-slavery during World War II. After exhaustive research, we know these stories are false. Additionally, the Asahi admitted in 2014 that it had lied.
There actually are now three lawsuits against Asahi related to this. All three lawsuits are class action:
According to Mr. Takaike yesterday:
1) The first lawsuit has 24,000 plaintiffs. (Led by Takaike.)
2) Another has 2,000 plaintiffs
3) A third has 400 plaintiffs
We visited the television station which is helping collect the Powers of Attorney from plaintiffs. Plaintiffs are joining from around the world. About 500 per day are coming in by mail. By mid-March they likely will stop taking more plaintiffs.
I made these photographs last night. This is about half of the boxes of Powers of Attorney that have come in from plaintiffs.


Anonymous said...

And... it must be noted that the New York Times Tokyo branch office (and the Dong-A Ilbo (東亜日報) Tokyo Branch) is in the Asahi Shimbun Tokyo head office.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

I trust that the current lawsuit filed against false allegations on Comfort Women will inevitably goes to the much larger issue of the false propaganda on the Nanking Massacre. Asahi Shimbun was also a major player of disseminating the false propaganda of the Nanking Propaganda during 1970s by Honda Katsuichi’s “A Travel in China.” (本田勝一の「中国の旅」)

Looking back, it appears that Asahi Shimbun made a propaganda war against Japan since 1970, working as an agent of the Chinese Communist Party and/or North Korean Labor Party. Mao’s attempt to make Japan a communist nation failed but left many sympathizers in mass media and education (through teachers’ union).

You may notice that some of the photos put in the following website were taken by Asahi Shimbun reporters entered into the city of Nanking along with the Japanese Army.

False Accusations of Nanking Massacre

Most of them were alive until 1970 and remained in the Asahi Shimbun. While they were alive, there was no chance for left-ideologist reporters such as Honda Katsuichi could publish false propaganda of the Nanking Massacre. When all eye-witnesses died or retired from the company, left-ideologist reporters began to write about “Japan’s War Crimes.”

Comfort Women is the one such propaganda and the Nanking Massacre is the other.

The all three leaders of the time (i.e. Mao Tse-dong毛沢東, Chou En-lai周恩来, and Chang Kai-suk蒋介石) never mentioned about the Nanking Massacre throughout their lives. To the best of my knowledge, I have NOT heard of Teng Shao-ping 鄧小平 mentioned about the Nanking Massacre.

After 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre (天安門事件), Jian Zemin (江沢民) began to use the alleged Nanking Massacre to make Japan as the common enemy of the Chinese people for survival and continuation of the CCP’s one-party rule over China.

To band together the discontent people and shift all the blame to a foreign enemy, Jian Zemin needed a scapegoat. Japan was used for the convenient scapegoat.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

Today, it is well known that the Unit 731 was the army unit to supply clean water to the Japanese troops.

As you know very well, Chinese Continent is dirty. People live with livestock animals. They pee and poop anywhere when nature calls.

It is difficult to secure clean water in China and a special unit was formed to get clean water for the Japanese troops. Studying on the germ was one such responsibility of the Unit 731.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

As I cannot handle all the themes falsely alleged against Japan, I will concentrate on the Nanking Massacre at least for the next 6 months as there are many counter-evidences to prove that the Massacre never took place.

Americans may not accept the fact as the Nanking Massacre was used for moral justification to beat Japan for a long time. But as a historian, I have to start the fist step anyway.