Tuesday, January 6, 2015




Note for New Readers 
Many new readers come aboard each day, often asking who I am and what exactly I do. 
The New York Times made one of the most accurate pieces, though in the years after this article things really took off:


KATO, Takashi said...

(This is a copy-and-paste of what I posted in your facebook page "Note for new readers")

Michael, I highly respect your hard work to search truths and try to make them prevail.

Since I reached here your face book, I have been thinking:
The wise pause and try to check facts before action, particularly when they accuse someone.
The stupid easily act or react from unproven information, from the anger, hatred or fear, not from the reason or goodwill.
The stupid do not reflect their faces in the mirror.
The dirty clever know that very well and never fail to take advantage.
They dump tons and tons of lies into the internet space to make prevail the hatred and anger in the world.
They take off uniforms and hide among civilians.
In most cases it is very hard to check facts, so ordinary people often keep silent. It is also very difficult to identify ununiformed soldiers from civilians.
While it takes huge amount of time and work to prove the truth among garbage, it is very easy to produce garbage, particularly in the net space without any effective checking system.
As a result, lies can dominate truths easily in the internet space and social media. And they spill out in to real world.
Earlier, I, like many others, had a bright view on the internet as means to give access to the truth to the people who had had no access to it. But recently I have become pessimistic.
The internet is actually giving more and more access to lies and propaganda to ordinary people who had had good access to the truth.
The wise and honest refrain from retaliation by doing the same thing because they know it would make them caught in the trap that the dirty clever intend: to reproduce conflicts and destroy friendship.
This is the dilemma of the wise.
Thus, the internet can be a very powerful weapon for propagandists and liars rather than for truth pursuers.
This is a big imminent agenda for the world peace as well as for our personal lives. We must break the loop, but how?
May I have your thought?

Yoko Nakayanma said...

Hi, Mr.Yon,
You've spoken the truth to the world, that the Japanese could not dare say for various reasons.
You probably have no idea how noble work you are doing. Now the world community can say nothing to the gigantic and skilled conspirator China. I'm grateful for your commitment.