Saturday, January 24, 2015


Michael Yon
January 24, 2015


例えてみれば膝に擦り傷を負ったようなものだ,それで70年たっても罠にかかったウサギのように泣き叫んでいる.ウサギの叫び声を聞いたことがあるか? Koreaと聞こえるんだ,韓国だけが大声で何度も何度も叫び声を上げている.
昨夜,慰安婦の件について他の研究者と電話連絡を取った.今,フィリピンとオーストラリアに向かうべく準備をしている.この調査研究には,-- いつものように —,現地に直接行って関係者とじかに会うことも含まれる.
韓国政府は駐留米軍への韓国人売春婦たちのポン引きとしての長い歴史がある.122人の売春婦が,かつての彼女らのポン引き,つまり韓国政府を訴えている.一方で韓国政府は,第二次世界大戦中の韓国人売春婦らのことで,依然として日本にカナギリ声で叫んでいる.(そんなことできるわけがない) 韓国政府は日本が20万人もの女性をさらったと言っている,荒唐無稽だ,歴史的文書のどこを見てもそのようなことを支持する記述は無い.
そうこうしているうちに,このドラマの全体が — ここが重要な点であるが, — 中国によって画策され,その中国は,様々な機会をとらえて,韓国,日本,米国,オーストラリア,他の同盟国とのを絆を引き裂こうとしている.南シナ海とその他の領域の支配権を握るために.

Michael Yon
January 24, 2015

Pimps in the Korean government continue to whine about World War II
Amazing that Korea seems to think it had the worst time of any country during World War II. By comparison, Korea got a scratch on its knee, and 70 years later is still screaming like a rabbit caught in a trap. Have you ever heard a rabbit scream? It sounds like Korea, only Korea is a million times louder. 
Last night I had a phone conversation with another researcher on the Comfort Women issue. I am preparing to head back to Philippines, Australia, and other countries involved. We are doing this research right -- like always -- in part by physically going places and meeting real people who are involved. 
The Korean government has a long history of pimping Korean prostitutes to American troops. 122 of the prostitutes are suing their old pimp now, the Korean government. Meanwhile, the Korean government is still screaming at Japan for all the Korean prostitutes from World War II. (Cannot make up this stuff.) The Korean government claims Japan kidnapped 200,000 women, which is preposterous and completely unsupported by historical documents.
Meanwhile, this entire drama is increasingly orchestrated -- and this is the important part of all of this -- by China, who is using various issues to split Korea, Japan, USA, Australia, and other allies, to gain control of the South China Sea, and more. 
We will not take the word of newspapers like Asahi Shimbun, or politicians like President Park, who screams like a rabbit. Many researchers are conducting our own research.


Moguro Fukuzo said...

I firmly believe Koreans are able to consider only one relationship with Japan.

1. Koreans are the aristocrats and we Japanese are their obedient servants/slaves.
2. We Japanese kowtow to them and they step on our heads.

As an angry master can demand his apologizing servant everything, they demand us apology.

If you look closely about the Korean society, they always think about who are above over someone and who are lower than the other. It is like a monkey society or a dog society. They have no idea of equality. That is why I call them half-humans who still live in an ancient society.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

President Park and other Korean leaders continue to move the goal posts while demanding Japan to give some proposals that “satisfy the former comfort women.” Whatever Japan does, they will never be satisfied. They move goal posts further back as we go for shooting a ball.


Please, Mr. President Obama. Please drop any idea of having a three party alliance with S. Korea.