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Michael Yon
January 24, 2015


Japan: President Park of Korea makes Important Statement about Japan


Moguro Fukuzo said...


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Sidney Raphael said...

S Korea claims Japan used its women as 'comfort women' in WWII. During WWII Japan also controlled Taiwan and Manchukuo. Why were Taiwan and Manchukuo women spared from becoming 'comfort women'? Especially considering that Taiwan and Manchukuo were geographically closer to Japan's troops than Korea? Has S Korea made any efforts to try to recruit Taiwan to its campaign for compensation from Japan?

Moguro Fukuzo said...

I’ll try to give my findings to Raphael Sidney’s questions one by one.

1. Manchukuo
As comfort women in Manchuria could earn twice or three times of pay than Kisaeng in Korea due to the booming economy, there were many Kisaeng girls who went to Manchuria. This is the case of former comfort women Kil Won-ok. She went to Manchuria twice out of her own will.
Kil Won-ok

In China, there were many, many, many civilian-operated brothels (and still are). They followed the advancing Japanese Army. In the present-day Wuhan, there were 150,000 Japanese military men in 1938-39. There is an estimate that the Japanese military men spent 1/3 of their pay for prostitution (which was worth 40 zero fighter planes a year). It was nothing wrong at that time. I live in the Yokohama area, where the U.S 8th Army of 230,000 men landed in 1945. They suffered from venereal disease greatly. One data says the Japanese women crippled more than 10,000 U.S. servicemen, which is one whole division. They achieved what no Japanese Army could do with bullets.

2. Taiwan
There was one military brothel in Taiwan at Shinchu 新竹 airfield. As Tiwanese know very well there was no coercive recruitment by the Japanese military and/or authority. They do not claim apology or compensation.

3. South East Asia
Including some Tiwanese women, in early 1990s, there were former comfort women in the Philippines or Malaysia who claimed that they were “deceived” to go to the military brothels or “badly hurt” at the brothels.

1995 Asian Women Peace Fund solved all those claims coming from Taiwan and South East Asia. You cannot find out any South East Asian women who claim apology or compensation since 2000. (I personally suspect that they wanted their lion’s share of Japan’s prosperity in 1980s.)

4. Korea and Jun Ruff Oherne
The cases of Koreans and the Dutch woman Jun Ruff Oherne are exceptions. I will write about them later after finishing my job at hand.

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