Sunday, February 26, 2017

金正男 暗殺

金正男 暗殺事件によって、移民・人的移動の暗黒面が明らかになりました。



日本/米国/フランスの軍に 色々な理由で売春婦が必要だったことを思い出してください。

1) 性病 の危険性を減らす
2) スパイ活動を防ぎ いらざる騒ぎを起こさないため
 (イラクの場合も含めて 軍は常に売春婦を雇用している。)
3) 地域の住民とのトラブルを避けるため
4) 士気を保つため


東南アジアでは女性が一つの国で売春をしてビザが切れるとまた 次の国のビザを





追記:  日本軍が20万人も誘拐して性奴隷にした、などという話を信じるのは、与えられたニセ情報をなんでも受け売りするくらい能天気で滑稽なことです。

"In Kim Jong-nam Killing, a Common Migration Tale Takes a Dark Turn"
This sounds like a fascinating tale of nerve agent, international assassination, and a complex prostitution industry. 
The accused assassin apparently was on the hooker trail. Something our team discovered during the "sex slave" research. Others have discovered and described it years before, but this was our first venture behind the curtain.
Remember there are various reasons why Armies such as Japanese/US/French have kept on staff prostitutes. 
1) Reduce STDs
2) Reduce espionage and mayhem (we always recruit prostitutes, including in Iraq.)
3) Reduce problems with local population
4) Morale
This story is shaping up to the normal "rent a whore" for dirty deeds done dirt cheep. (Time will reveal.)
There is a prostitution circle in South East Asia in which women move from country to county, generally leaving when their visas expire, and then they repeat the circuit.
As example, we found in Penang that many Vietnamese would come, not so many Russians, and others where there, not too many Thais. Many Chinese. 
For Vietnamese, their visas were good for one month, as I recall. Once in Penang, where prostitution is illegal, they change hotels every night, and their pimps provide their room numbers to customers. The hotels are not rented in their names, if they are rented in any name at all -- the hotels participate for a cut.
Many women do something similar in the USA by making nightclub circuits.
From there, doers of nefarious deeds who need disposable spies/agents can recruit from the sea of women on the circuit. It is a very old and established business and technique. The doer send an agent to hire an agent to hire a prostitute. 
On a side note, as one can see, the idea that Japanese had to kidnap 200,000 sex-slaves is a joke requiring severe naïveté to buy into.

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