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アンジェレスはラスベガスが売春の二流リーグにみえるほどだった。あんなに沢山の売春婦はみたことが無い ― それは超巨大なソイ・カウボーイ街(ベトナム戦争のときにアメリカ人開いたバンコクの歓楽街。これについては詳しく調べたことは無いし,その予定も無い)とも言うべきものだった。




Our research team is hard at work today. We started out in the Thai National Archives which is open even to foreign researchers. 
One of our team members found this document today describing a Japanese Corporal who caused some sort of trouble. 
The researchers were digging down to find the document describing the trouble when I split off to visit the location of an old Japanese comfort women brothel. 
I got there and found another brothel 70 years later! Wow. Similar with Philippines when I went to Bataan and Angeles City on this research. 
Angeles City makes Vegas look like prostitution minor leagues. I've never seen more prostitutes -- it's like a mega-Soi Cowboy. (The story is that Soi Cowboy being an American development in Bangkok from the Vietnam era. I have not researched this and do not plan to.)
Unfortunately the Thai owner of the Japanese brothel during the WWII period has passed away, and people there do not seem to know his family.
As for the archives, the team is still digging. Far to go. Interesting about this document is that whatever the Japanese corporal did was being addressed. 
Let's see what the team brings home today. I do not want to disturb their research by calling to ask more about the corporal but by now they likely know.

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