Thursday, November 22, 2018


韓国は慰安婦についての日韓合意を反故にしました -- 私から日本の政治家たちへの質問です...




South Korea pulls out of Comfort Women Agreement -- question for readers...
In 2015, just after this agreement, I published at least once (but I think several times) that Korea would break the agreement. I am searching for those facebook or other entries. If you happen to see one, please let me know.
This was more predictable than piranhas and koi in the same aquarium.
Japan must invest now and deeply in hardware. The taste is in the water.
The Guardian の記事
"Anger in Japan as South Korea dissolves 'comfort women' foundation"
The Guardian, Benjamin Haas in Seoul, Wed 21 Nov 2018 05.54 GMT


Description of the picture in The Guardian:
"South Korean protesters sit near a statue of a teenage girl

symbolising former ‘comfort women’, who served as sex slaves for
Japanese soldiers during the second world war Photograph: Jung
Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images"


I published this just after the agreement was made. Japanese and English versions attached:


Lover Korean said...

Mr. Michael Young, Thank you for being concerned about Japan at any time.
Recently, I am worried that Japanese colonization by China Korea has almost completed.
Is there a way to stop colonialization without destroying the Western assessment and while protecting the economy?

JP Michael Yon said...

The term 'colonization' in your phrase might mean 'increase the influence on Japan'. The only way to change the situation may be to exert pressure on the Chinese/Korean governments. The US has been partly doing it under the Trump administration. I appreciate it personally. Anyway, cosmetic changes of relationship/diplomacy between the persons/nations will result in a disaster, as many of us know it.


Nobuyuki Kamimura said...


Nobuyuki Kamimura said...