Friday, August 7, 2015

History Wars: Japan

"History Wars: Japan -- False Indictment of the Century"
This morning I am reading a new English translation (from Japanese) book called "History Wars: Japan False Indictment of the Century," by Sankei Shimbun. 
Sankei is a newspaper, not a particular author. All of the Sankei journalists I have met have been exceptional. 
Half the book is in English and the other half Japanese. 
I got hold of a copy last night when the mail came from Tokyo. I am about 30% through the book before breakfast. 
Based on a great deal of my own research in various countries this past year, this book is precise in fact and in tone. 
The English translation is superb and at PhD writing level.
I can say this from the first about 30% -- this book is important for members of our intelligence community who watch PRC and also communist groups from ROK and from Japan who operate in the USA. 
California -- specifically San Francisco -- is shaping up as a battleground in a much larger play. 
Our FBI in San Francisco should read this book, and also FBI in some other places such as Michigan and New Jersey -- not to mention that our more international intelligence folks who watch PRC should read this.
Remember that little book by Ahmed Rashid called "Taliban"? Almost nobody paid attention when the book came out. I think the first printing was only about 5,000 or 10,000 copies from Yale University Press. 
I read that book six months before 9/11, just when the book came out. 
The book became a treasure chest for our intelligence people but only after it was too late. Ahmed's book provided names, places, structures, and much more.
Later, I was in Afghanistan doing combat missions that could have been avoided if we had been more proactive. 
This Sankei book is somewhat similar (so far) in that the information is precise and this is an important national security issue for the United States. 
PRC is lining up for the shot. ROK operators in Glendale, California and elsewhere are just the glove for the PRC hand in this play. 
PRC is the hand inside the ROK glove. 
Watch the hand. Watch Global Alliance. Remember that name.

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