Monday, January 29, 2018


USA Continues to fall for the Comfort Women Scam -- ignorant to the fact that we are the ultimate targets, not Japan.

またもや慰安婦ペテンに引っかかる米国 -- 究極のターゲットは日本ではなく米国であることにも気づいていません。

この情報戦争と「たかり」は同義です。「黒人」の命が大事(BLM:blacklives matter)、「パレスチナ人」の命が大事(PLM:palestinian livesmatter)、「韓国人」の命が大事(KLM:Korean lives matter)、これらの全ては彼らの話に疑問を持ったり見返りに贈り物を差し出さなかったりすれば、彼らの運動がもたらす暴力のリスクを低く見せ、一方で自らを被害者に見せかけて良い目を見ようとしているのです。



BLM, PLM, KLMのサポーターたちはそのように見られてもかまわないと自らを蔑んでいます。自らの差別主義者です。



CIAの仕事はなんなのでしょうか -- 9/11を思い出して下さい。あなたたちが居眠りをしている間に世界は激変しました。




USA Continues to fall for the Comfort Women Scam -- ignorant to the fact that we are the ultimate targets, not Japan.
These information wars and shakedowns have commonalities. Whether it be 'black' lives matter, 'palestinian' lives matter, or Korean lives matter, they all make their butter on claiming victimhood, with an undertone and real risk of violence if anyone questions the narrative or does not hand over the goods.
All engage in what any reasonable person would call terrorism. All pretend to be out of control with their emotions -- say one thing wrong, and SNAP! Violence.
Many people look so down upon some of these cultures that they actually accept it. They treat the cultures like packs of animals unable to control their own actions, thus reinforcing unacceptable and often violent behavior.
The BLM, PLM, and KLM supporters look so down upon themselves and the groups that this is seen as okay. Massive self-racism.
The US government by now should realize that the comfort women cult is violent, and the ultimate target is the USA.
CIA is either blind or dumb. CIA has been warned. CIA should be briefing top US officials about the reality of this scam and operation.
Falling down on your job CIA -- remember 9/11 when you fell asleep at the wheel. Changed the world.
This comfort women issue is big. Very big. You will see. A comfort women cult member already attacked the Japanese and US Ambassadors to Korea. Cut our Ambassador badly on the face. Another cult member burned himself to death. There has been other violence, and there is more to come.
Meanwhile, North and South Koreans are busy committing national suicide. At this rate, the comfort women issue may become mute as they are starving to death under rubble. Of course, generations later survivors may blame Japan and USA for their lunacy.
Korean lives matter...

Japan conveys concern over Tillerson statement on "comfort women"
2018年1月28日 共同ニュース


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