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「韓国と日本の新たな緊張は、過去の悪事がいかに外交の障害となり得るかを思い出させてくれる。 韓国釜山の日本総領事館前に設置された「慰安婦」像が、アジアで緊張が高まっているときに、米国にとっての重要な二つの同盟国である日本と韓国の間に亀裂を生じさせている。

「 韓国人にとってこれは 単なる像ではなく、感情的なものである。日本は、日本軍が占領下において何万人もの韓国及び アジアの国々の女性達を強制的に性奴隷にした悪事について 全く悔い改めていない。慰安婦という言葉は、性奴隷の事実を婉曲に言い換えたものである。」

New York Times is shamefully carrying the Comfort Women narrative 
Their 'scholarship' on this either never happened, or is compromised to the core. They simply are wrong:
From the opinion:
The renewed tensions between South Korea and Japan are a sobering reminder of how historical wrongs can interfere with diplomacy. A statue of a “comfort woman” installed outside the Japanese Consulate in Busan, South Korea, is reopening a major rift between the two foremost Asian allies of the United States at a most perilous time. The issue goes far beyond the statue to a deep sense among Koreans that Japan has never fully repented for the sex slavery forced on tens of thousands of Korean and other Asian women under Japanese occupation, for whom the euphemism was “comfort women.”


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アメリカ人が語る アメリカが隠しておきたい日本の歴史


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The word comfort woman was made for registration of prostitute which was pinned up
at the wall of street publicly in Japan and Korean peninsula. Because the word
prostitute is very bad hearing and feeling. So somebody made polite and noble
word for prostitute. Comfort woman was not sex slave.They
could get much more money than Japanese banck man. The word sex slave was made by Hillary Clinton. Hillary does not like Japanese.It was revenge.
At the time prstitution was not illegal. It was correct profession as well as company working woman. Even now in europeean coutries the prostitution is legal under the government.You can see erros center in Germany now. Japan was like it. The reason why comfort woman problem was getting so noisy and uproariously from 1980s,was what Yoshida,Seiji wrote fake histry of comfort woman in Korea. But Yoshida had never been
in Chechudo island of Korea before 1945. And also, what Koreans insist 200,000 Korean women were captured by Japanese soldiers for prostitute has big contradiction. because a prostitute testified that she sexed with 100 Japanese soldiers in a day.
So the number of Japanese soldiers were 200000X100=20,000,000soldiers. Japanese soldiers number was only 2million. And Japanese soldiers were so busy to fight. Japanese soldiers were not sex fighter.
Koreans are always liar. In conclusion, When ministry of foreign affairs of Japan translated for the word of prostitute,it became comfort woman. But the word comfort woman does not exist in dictionary. So all foreign countries have prejudice and excite thier curiousity, and the fake incident began to move by it self.

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Dear kaisermuto:

> “a prostitute testified that she sexed with 100 Japanese soldiers in a day.”

Assuming that her working time was 10 hours for a day, she must have conducted the duty for ten men per an hour. It means that there were only six minutes processing a man including preparation and after treatment times. The estimated remaining real practice time was then 4 minutes at the maximum.

Of course each man can have his own time but only a four minutes for every soldier is simply impossible.