Friday, March 11, 2016

Japan-USA: "Challenging the ’20 American historians’"

Journalists blabber on incessantly about "comfort women" and "sex slaves". I have yet to speak with a single American journalist who is qualified to open his or her mouth about this topic. Yet they do, every day.
Next time you speak with a journalist who has written about the "sex slave" issue, ask him or her if they have read the IWG report, or POW Report 49, or the Dutch Survey. Chances are high that they will not have heard of any of these. 
I gave a speech in Tokyo on the IWG report -- and then the "sex-slave" cult (there truly is a cult at the core) said I was hired by Yoshiko Sakurai to do a speaking tour. This is false, just as the "sex slave" myth is false. I gave one speech on IWG and Sakurai had no involvement. This is typical of their level of 'research.' They do not research, they copy and paste and make things up.
Likewise with the American 'academics' who claim to have studied the issue. I have yet to talk with a single American academic other than Jason Morgan who has any command over this subject. They sign these documents like lemmings. 
Everyone who thinks they know something about this issue should ask themselves:
1) Do I know who Global Alliance is?
2) Have I studied the IWG report?
3) Have I studied the Dutch Survey?
4) Have I studied POW Report 49?
5) Have I seen a single source document from any country that accuses Japan of sex slavery?
6) Have I done any research myself to confirm or deny the allegations? (Reading planted and regurgitated news articles does not count. That is not research.)
The answer to these questions and more, if answered honestly, will nearly always be, "No," "No," "No," "No," "No," "No."


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> ①事実なのか、それとも、②デマなのか、または、③今は、破壊されて存在しないのか、






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> バイドゥ百科によれば、雨花台の国民党の処刑場で10万近くの共産党員らが殺された


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Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
Consideration of the seventh and eighth periodic reports
(February 16, 2016, Geneva)
(Summary of remarks by Mr. Shinsuke Sugiyama, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Question and Answer session)


女子差別撤廃条約 | 外務省

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> (英語ページは、今回のセッション自体が未掲載)

女子差別撤廃条約第7回及び第8回報告審査、英語ページ掲載されました> March 29, 2016 版

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women | Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan