Sunday, August 9, 2020

Black Lives Matterと人権

Japan -- Friends in Japan please beware: Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with human rights. 

日本 -- 日本の皆さん,どうか用心して下さい。

Black Lives Matter (BLM)は慰安婦問題と同様、人権の名をかたる情報戦の一部です。

日本とアメリカへの直接攻撃であり、日米関係分断を目論む 新たな火種の世界的情報戦争です。

アメリカ人が朝鮮人の「慰安婦」戦について理解したいと言ったら、私は KLM:Korean Lives Matter を見るといい、とアドバイスします。

・Korean Lives Matter = Black Lives Matter(KLM = BLM) 慰安婦攻撃 = BLM攻撃です。







Japan -- Friends in Japan please beware: Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with human rights. Similar to Comfort Woman attacks/scam. Part of a larger information war. BLM is a direct attack on Japan = Comfort Women.

This is a Direct Attack on Japan and USA. Very similar to the global Comfort Women attack specifically and mostly targets Japan-USA.

You may have seen me tell Americans that if they want to understand the 'Korean' comfort women fight, just think of it as KLM: Korean Lives Matter.

Korean Lives Matter = Black Lives Matter.
Comfort Women attack = Black Lives Matter attack

In USA, BLM has fused with ANTIFA. This fusion is BLAMTIFA
Both BLM and ANTIFA are violent communist-led movements. There are countless old and emerging subgroups but the main current groups = BLAMTIFA

BLAMTIFA has caused billions of dollars worth or economic damage and is extremely violent. Even far more violent than KLM.

BLAMTIFA has committed many murders and continues to commit murder and cause death and destruction.

Rest assured that BLM is highly anti-Japanese. They tend to hate Asians in general. That said, I strongly suspect they will work even harder to combine efforts with KLM.

BLAMTIFA are violent terrorists. 
Please alert your friends and associates.

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