Saturday, October 7, 2017

「慰安婦をめぐる騒ぎ、大阪とサンフランシスコの姉妹都市関係 分断か」


‘Comfort women’ row threatens Osaka-San Francisco sister city relationship

This is exactly what China and some left organizations want. To split Japan-USA-Korea.

Japan Timesの記事から:

=== from the article


両市の書簡のやり取りが水曜日に公開され、サンフランシスコ市長Edwin Lee氏は、大阪市長の吉村洋文氏がサンフランシスコが慰安婦像を公有地に建立するので姉妹都市の関係を打ち切る可能性があると通告したことに対して失望を表明した。



これは米国で サンフランシスコが慰安婦像を建立する初めての大都市となった一週間後の9月29日付けで吉村大阪市長が送った手紙への回答である。


‘Comfort women’ row threatens Osaka-San Francisco sister city relationship
by Eric Johnston

--- from the article of JT
OSAKA – The debate over statues memorializing “comfort women,” who were forced to work in Japanese military brothels before and during World War II, is threatening to upend a six-decade sister city relationship between Osaka and San Francisco.

In an exchange of letters made public Wednesday, San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee expressed disappointment in Osaka Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura’s announcement that he might cut the tie-up over the U.S. city’s new comfort women memorial.

“I am deeply disappointed that you are considering the cessation of our Sister City partnership. Our citizen organizations bring our people together and create mutual understanding on a daily basis,” Lee said in a letter dated Oct. 2.

“It would be a shame to penalize those who worked so hard to build a strong future of cooperation between our residents,” he added.

Lee was responding to a letter from Yoshimura dated Sept. 29, one week after San Francisco became America’s first major city to erect a memorial to comfort women.


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