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Mr. Yon quoted the comment in his FB.

Here are some comments and replies.

  • Mike Howard  Michael Yon, this is the most meaningful point I have read on your page in regard to WWII. This is not about criticizing old ladies who remember being abducted and treated poorly during the war. This is about what the war then says about us today.
  • Michael Yon  PRC Chinese government loves people like you. They call them "puppets" and "suckers." The encourage Koreans to encourage old ladies to lie about their past, knowing that suckers will believe it, and will be afraid to challenge lies coming from old ladies because that will look like thrashing old ladies. But a reality is that some older people actually do lie. Believe it or not, it is true. Do not be a sucker.

Mike Howard マイケル・ヨンへ,これは第二次世界大戦についてあなたが書いた記事で最も意味がある.戦争中にさらわれてひどい目に遭わされたおばあさん達,慰安婦を批判しているのではない.戦争についての話,つまり現代の我々についての話だ.

Michael Yon 中国政府はお前のような人物を好む.操り人形とかカモと呼ぶんだ.カモたちは信じやすいからと,おばあさんに過去について嘘を言うようそそのかせと韓国人に肩入れをし,おばあさん達を鞭打つようなものだからと彼女らが言う嘘に反対することを恐れる,しかし現実には嘘をついているおばあさんもいるのだ.信じようと信じまいとそれが事実だ.カモになるな.

  • Kurt Woody Laduron   I just want the Japanese to know THEIR WW2 the numerous posts of denials, its clear their government and Education Ministry has been complicit in keeping the actiions of WW2 Japan from the general population..but with the internet, that is slowly changing...Japanese people continually deny these attrocities:

    Bataan Death March - Philippines..
    Palawan POW Massacre - Philippines
    Alexandre Hospitol Massacre - Singapore...
    Massacre at Lipa - Philippines...
    138,000 Allied POW deaths in Japanese Prison Camps...

    Just to name a VERY few...
  • Michael Yon   Kurt -- Your burning hatred for Japenese has blinded you. Unless you went to school in Japan it is hard to take your opinions serriously about what Japanese students are taught and not taught. This is also 2015 -- schools have no monopoly on information.

    Your hatred is blinding you but others see it for what it is.

    Someone could easily make a similar list against us, the USA:

    1) Genocide against native americans
    2) Slavery
    3) Trail of tears (our own inconvenient 'Bataan Death March')
    4) Lynchings 
    5) Japanese put into prison camps
    6) Firebombings against civilian targets too many to count
    7) Atomic weapon dropped on civilian center in Japan
    8) Another atomic weapon dropped on civilians in Japan
    9) Americans laughing at it
    10) Americans EVERY SINGLE DAY saying we should nuke someone else (imagine Pakistanis saything that about us)
    11) Bombing Laos -- zero threat to USA -- until it looked like the moon with all the craters
    12) Supporting terrorism in Thailand in 2013, 2014, 2015.

    Let's not start the list game. We lose. Last 70 years, Japan has been one of the finest countries on earth. Japanese do not owe us or anyone else apologies.

    And if China or Korea want to see the list of their ongoing crimes against humanity, it will take pages. That you constantly side with China against Japan is disturbing.

Kurt Woody Laduron 日本人に知って貰いたい.彼らの第二次世界大戦の歴史は...歴史否定者の多くのポストによるが,政府と文部科学省が共謀して....(途中略) 日本人は次の虐殺を否定している ・バターン死の行軍 フィリピン  ・・・ (以下リストは略)

Michael Yon  お前の猛烈な日本嫌いはお前自身を盲目にしている.日本の学校に行かない限り日本の学生が何を習って何を習ってないかなんてなにも言えない.今は2015年だ ― 日本の学校に情報操作なんて無い.(略) 我々に対しての同じ様なリストなんて簡単に作れる:1) ネイティブアメリカ人に対しての虐殺 2) 奴隷 ・・・ (以下略)

Discussion is still boiling.



Anonymous said...

"The fair history textbook is Japan" U.S. Stanford University

Use of translation software

> A Japanese textbook: There is least a patriotic description, and a Japanese textbook does not do the praise of the war at all while I compared it this time. I just convey a fact really and do the descent about the advance of Japan in China when it is the responsibility of leaders of military and government at the time. It is with a very monotonous style and is real enumeration, and there is not an emotional thing.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

Who is this man “Moguro” in the title?

I’m using the manga character name for my handle-name but it seems it has nothing to do with the title and the content.

Moguro Fukuzo said...

OK. Now I understood that Mr. Yon quoted my comment in the facebook.

It’s all right.

Koshinuke said...

I guess, we are all living in "Glass houses". Yes, we can throw stones whichever we like. However we will be thrown stones by someone else.

I can not understand meaning of making "list" each other. It seems very unproductive.

The most important issue is "How to keep peace and stability" in Asia and Pacific region, I guess.

Let us stop throwing stones each other on what we experienced 70 years ago. We are living in 2015!!

Moguro Fukuzo said...

>Let us stop throwing stones each other on what we experienced 70 years ago. We are living in 2015!!

However, it is Chinese and Koreans who are throwing the stones at us in 2015, and some Americans are joining them. If you don’t want to see “throwing stones each other,” tell your wish to them.

Looking back the endurance we Japanese had to go through the past 70 years, how can we tolerate the insults and humiliation Chinese and Koreans (and some Americans) are still giving us? How can we promote COOL JAPAN while they are trying to tarnish our reputation and English-speaking fools are joining them in chorus?

70 years ago, victorious allies tattooed on our head with such letters as “Mass Murderers,” “Mass Rapists” and so on. How can we walk in the broad daylight with such letters tattooed on our head?

For me, NO MORE!!!