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「名古屋市長は、南京大虐殺について跪いて謝罪すべきだ ― 中国外相が述べる」



Nonsense Chinese Propaganda: "Nagoya Mayor Should 'Kneel and Apologize' for Nanjing Massacre, Says China’s Foreign Ministry"
Better yet, China should take their freaky Mao doll and turn it into commemorative candles for the millions of people he starved and murdered. Chinese actually worship this thing. I stood in a very long line in Beijing just to get a glance. 
Chinese came from all over to worship the greatest mass murderer in human history. Even Hitler could not keep up with this animal.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

韓国の売春婦 — 米国を標的にする

我々のチームは2年以上も前からこうなることを予測し警告してきました。日本に対する慰安婦問題の 次のターゲットは米国であり、これはその前哨戦だ、と。

我々は大声ではっきりと警告しました、米国は騙されている! ありもしなかった性奴隷について「日本は韓国に謝罪すべきである」などと日本に説教すべきではない、と。



しかしながら米軍と韓国政府が女性を強制的に売春させたというのは馬鹿げています。彼女らは韓国の町でよく見かける ありふれた売春婦でした。

今でも米国、カナダ、オーストラリア、その他の国では、韓国人や中国人の周旋人と自発的売春婦をしょっちゅう取り締まっています。もちろん彼女達は自分たちはだまされたと主張します。確かに騙された女性がいるのは間違いないでしょうが。注  :  魑魅魍魎のこの浮世、全てには裏があるのをお忘れなく。

中国人と韓国人は 毎日  女性を輸出しています。今、この時にも、欧州と北米を目指す 韓国人と中国人の売春婦が飛行機に乗っていることでしょう。飛行機に乗ってこれを読んでいるあなたの隣に座っているかもしれません。

中国人は性の輸出(性輸出 sexports と呼ぶことにします)に熱心です。アフガン戦争では、カブールが中国人売春婦であふれていました。





何年にもわたって、様々な分野に潜む共産主義者たちは、韓国人が米軍兵士を嫌うようにするための工作を行ってきました(他国でも、例えばドイツやイタリアでも同様)。 北朝鮮、中国などの共産主義者は、アメリカの基地を世界から追い出したいので、あちこちで裁判を仕掛けています。これらの裁判は 自由主義諸国の反米報道機関が反米報道をする機会をさらに増やしています。

そういうわけで 米軍を追い出すために、朝鮮半島では北と南の朝鮮人が裁判を起こし、さらには中共がもっと高いレベルの謀略をアジア中で仕掛けています。中国共産党の一党独裁下の 中華人民共和国は、米軍がいなくなれば アジアを支配できます。中共のアジア支配は始まっています。

私は11カ国を回って調査してきました。資金が枯渇しなかったら、さらに調査を続行したことでしょう。中国はその野望達成のために巨額の資金をつぎ込んでいます。それに対抗する 我々の活動は 個人の寄付を頼りにしており、活動が制限されているのが実情です。

=== from the article of the NY Times ===
「ソウル、韓国 — 歴史的判決、金曜日、勧告の裁判所は、1960年代から70年代にかけて米兵を接待する売春婦たちを引き留め、強制的に性病の治療をさせたことは違法だとした」



Korean Prostitution -- now targeting USA
Our team and I have been warning for more than two years that this was coming. The first target is Japan, but Japan is only a stepping stone to USA. We warned loud and clear that the US was being tricked into telling Japan that Japan should apologize for Korean 'sex-slavery' that never occurred. Anyone who thinks Korean women must be forced into sex-slavery never has been to Korea. We need guards on bases to keep the women out, not in. Prostitution is organic to Korean culture, more so than many others, despite the faux taboo.
That said, it is a fact that the Korean government and US military colluded in managing Korean prostitutes. There is no question about this. Just last year, I interviewed on video a former US Soldier on Jeju island who talked about his involvement after the Korean war. The US military was neck deep in it.
But the idea that the USA or Korea needed to force anyone is farcical. The women were just normal whores that one can find on streets around Korea.
Still today, the US, Canada, Australia, and other countries, regularly arrest Korean and Chinese traffickers and willing prostitutes. Of course the women usually say they were tricked, and there is no doubt also that some are tricked. Everything in this dark world has a flip side, a caveat.
Chinese and Koreans export women daily. At this moment there will be Korean and Chinese prostitutes on airplanes heading to Europe and North America. You might be sitting beside one in an airplane as you read this.
Chinese are so serious about sexual exports (I started calling it sexports), that during the Afghanistan war, Kabul started overflowing with Chinese prostitutes.
The Afghan and Chinese governments worked together to get them out of Afghanistan before something terrible happened. Also, China was embarrassed that their prostitutes were making international news. They did not get them all out. I saw Chinese prostitutes in Afghanistan as late as 2011.
The ultimate target for legal and political action is the USA. I have been publishing this for more than two years. Targeting comes in different levels.
One level is just about money. They are prostitutes, after all, and whether the money comes from selling sex or winning lawsuits makes no difference.
On a higher level, this is about politics and the prostitutes are being prostituted to make the lawsuits, which is easy because the prostitutes see another payday. But for the organizers, this is not always about the gold dust that can be won in these monetarily minor lawsuits.
For years, communists of various sorts have been discrediting US troops among the Korean population. (Or in other countries such as Germany and Italy among their populations.) The communists from North Korea, China, and elsewhere, want America out. These lawsuits generate free press that is always anti-American.
So there is local level targeting on the peninsula coming largely from Koreans (North and South), and there is the higher level targeting from Beijing. PRC wants US troops out of Asia so that China can rule Asia.
This is just getting started.
I have researched this in 11 countries, and for lack of funding would have taken that even farther. The Chinese are investing shiploads of funding into their efforts, yet our side can barely raise a few nickels to counter it.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


思いついたままに 書きます。今日はこれから会合が控えており、推敲や編集の時間がありません。文法の間違いはご容赦ください:



ビル・ガーツ(Bill Gertz)氏が最近出版した本、「アイ・戦争(iWar」を読んでいる最中です。彼とは一年以上前に東京で個人的に会って夕食を共にしましたが、その時から彼に注目しています。彼は正確に実情を掴んでいます。

もう一人の注目すべきジャーナリストは古森義久(Yoshi)氏 です。Yoshiは何が起きているか知っていて、この情報戦について記事を書いています。私達は東京で何度も会っており、つい一週間前にも会いました。彼には調査中に撮ったビデオを提供しました。このビデオは私とYoshiしか見ていません。彼はビデオ映像について何か記事を書くかもしれません。北朝鮮と関係している共産主義者が、慰安婦像の件で、如何に多くのお金を稼いでいるかについて語っています。すべて4kビデオに収めてあります。

韓国と日本を分断させようとしている あちこちの勢力は同調して働いています。彼らの次の目標は米国を切り離すことでしょう。私達はそれを阻止することができます。彼らの弱点も見つけました。しかしそのことは公開しません。

日本人が、韓国人のほとんどが反日的だと思っていることは特筆すべき事項です。 もちろん文化的に合わないこともあるでしょうが、韓国で多くの韓国人と話して感じたのは、韓国人の大多数は日本に対して良い感情を持っている、ということです。 共産主義者、例えば中国とソウルに拠点を置く 挺対協のような組織や人間が 日本を憎悪させるような幻想を創り上げ、世界的にばら撒き、それを無知な記者や、メディアの中の共犯者が 後押ししているのです。

ニューヨークタイムズが この件に深く関わっているのは、おそらく朝日新聞と提携しているという理由もありましょう。そう言えば2017年4月27日に朝日新聞に対する訴訟の判決が出ます。朝日新聞を訴えた弁護士達は優秀で献身的ですが、対する朝日新聞の弁護側も同じく優秀で熱心です。


覚えておいてください! 我々のチームは日本に対する破壊的なテロリズムが起こると予想しています。どこで何時それが起こるのかわかりませんが、その予兆はそこかしこにあります。

カトリック教会も挺対協と一緒になって日本に対する憎悪を煽り 韓国を日本から引き離そうと熱心に活動しています。 カトリック教会が慰安婦問題で 挺対共に加担することは、反対者、つまり意見を異にする立場ではおさまらない、文字通りの真の敵になっていることを意味します。 ソウルのフランシスコ会修道院ではイエス  キリストの像を売っている店の前に慰安婦像が据えられています。


同じ頃、慰安婦問題が原因で、韓国に駐在する日本の大使が東京に召喚されました。そんな事態になるように カトリック教会も関与しているのです。

バチカンの法王は北京と親しいことを公にしています。トランプ大統領は法王を、神と信者を繋ぐ 聖者でも、宗教界のリーダーでもなく、単に法王の衣装をまとった ビジネスマン 兼 政治屋だとみなすべきです。


我々は法王が共産主義者と一緒に活動しているところを見ました。この法王が カトリック教会を更に損壊させる前に、バチカン関係者やカトリック信者は立ち上がって彼の活動を止めなければなりません。正直言って こんなことは書きたくありません。なぜなら親友や友人、仲間にも敬虔なカトリック信者がいるからです。しかし彼らは善き信者です。


1) 日本:我々は軍事的にも政治的にも日本と同盟関係にある。日本が攻撃されたときは合意に基づき我々も立ち上がらなければならない。宇宙分野においても共同研究を拡大するべきだ。

2) 台湾:  台湾の防空識別圏、島嶼などに関して、我々は中国の脅しに屈しない。

3) タイ国:タイ国は信頼すべき重要なパートナーである、と 言明する。米国の前政権はタイとの大切な関係をぶち壊した。だが12 時間前にヘリで飛び去った。彼らはもういない。我々はタイの国内政治に口を挟まない。タイの首相と政府関係者はいつでもワシントンで歓迎する。タイ国民に信頼される大使を送る。


4)フィリピン:我々は長いこと一緒にやってきた。時折 やってくる台風によって我々の関係は壊されない。我々はフィリピンを重要な国と認識し、あらゆる分野で協力関係を深めていく。辛い時期に温かい言葉をうける余裕など無いことをしっている。良いパートナーは黙っているときと、いつソフトに話しかけるべきかをわきまえている。

5) インドネシア:いくつかデリケートが問題があるが、我々はインドネシアと共にある。

6) シンガポール:もちろん、 アメリカはシンガポールを愛している。

7) インド:我々は共通の敵と目標を持っている。 宇宙分野を含め全ての分野でもっと協力関係を築いていこう。

8) ミャンマー:まず、内戦を止めることだ。ミャンマーと米国には共通の利害がある。

9) オーストラリア:対話のドアは常に開かれている。

10) マレーシア:我々の関係を良くする絶好の機会だ。

11) ベトナム:軍事分野をはじめとして、あらゆるレベルで我々との協力関係を高めていこう。

12) 中国:新しい保安官が就任した。侵略的振る舞いを続ければ、侵略された側に同情し、中国に対して不愉快な対抗策が とられるだろう。


世界抗日戦争史実維護連合会(Global Alliance)と孔子学院(Confucius Institute)などの、情報戦争を遂行している組織は取り締まる、または少なくとも その事実を公表する。


情報戦争はますます危険な状態になっている。我々は多くの情報戦争の真っ只中にいるが、我々が 注力するべきは、日本-米国-韓国を分断しようとする企みです。


100人ほどの若い韓国人兵士が博物館にいました。彼らは友好的でした。現役の兵士です。 その中の一人が冗談で敬礼をしたので、私も笑って敬礼を返しました。我々は何も言葉を交わさずに、ただ笑って一緒に写真を撮りました。私がこの情報戦争について努力していることが彼の命を、そして、多くの国の若い兵士の命を救う結果になることを祈りました。

次の仕事をしなければなりません。そういう訳ですので 書き間違いにはご容赦ください。

The Independence Hall of Korea (독립기념관)
A few quick thoughts. I have meetings today so this is a flow of consciousness with no edit. My apology for any grammatical errors:
Last night I landed in Bangkok from Korea just in time to watch President Trump's inauguration, and Obama loading onto the Marine helicopter and flying away. One episode of Twilight Zone was ending, and the other just beginning. 
One of biggest strategic challenges this day is China. President Trump must invest much thinking and energy into keeping our alliances between Japan-USA-Korea, in good order. Relations between Korea and Japan have been deteriorating rapidly. This only benefits China, and China along with communists/leftists in South Korea, Japan, USA, and other countries are waging an intense information war that few people recognize.
I have been reading Bill Gertz’s most recent book, iWar. Mr. Gertz understands what is happening. We met in Tokyo for a private dinner more than a year ago, and after that dinner I began to pay attention to Gertz. His finger is on the pulse.
Another journalist to watch is Yoshihisa Komori. Yoshi understands what is going on, and often writes about this war. We have met numerous times in Tokyo, including about a week ago. I provided Yoshi with some amazing video I made during this research. At this point, only Yoshi and I have seen the video. He might publish about it, soon. In a nutshell, some communists with NORK ties were telling me how much money they make on the comfort women issue. Got it all on 4k video.
There is a concerted effort to split apart South Korea and Japan, and the next target will be to split off the USA. We can stop them, and have identified some weaknesses which I will not publish.
It is important to note that many Japanese seem to think most of Korea is against them. Sure, there are the cultural rough spots, but during my trips and many communications with Koreans, most seem positive toward Japan. China, and the communists elsewhere such as at Chon Dae Hyup based in Seoul, are creating the illusion of widespread anti-Japanese hatred. They are aided by naïve press, or active facilitators in the press. 
New York Times is neck deep in this, perhaps in part due to their relations with Asahi Shimbun. Speaking of which, there should be a verdict in the Asahi lawsuit on 27 April 2017. I spent days with the lawyers in charge of the lawsuit. They are very smart and dedicated, but then so is the opposition at Asahi. 
It is my great hope that they prevail in their lawsuit against Asahi. If they prevail, this will be a battlefield victory in a long war. If they prevail, this will be a remarkable victory for Japanese, and also a victory which benefits the USA, though I would be surprised if 1,000 American realize this.
To be sure, my team and I fully expect lethal terrorism will begin against Japanese. We do not know when or where it will start, but the indicators all are there.
The Catholic Church is also neck deep in this, and is allies with Chong Dae Hyup. The Catholic Church is taking active measures that create hatred and divide ROK from Japan. This makes participants in these active measures real enemies. Not opponents, or people with different opinions, but true enemies. The Franciscan Friary in Seoul has a comfort woman statue just in front of the shop where they sell sculpted images of Jesus.
To be clear, the Catholic Church is aiding and abetting our enemies, and is consciously participating in activities that a reasonable observer will recognize will lead to terrorism. Just in the past two weeks, a Buddhist monk who joined the comfort woman cult burned himself to death in Korea. 
The Japanese ambassador to Korea was recalled to Tokyo in about the past two weeks, all over this issue, and the Catholic Church is helping make this happen.
The Pope is openly friendly with Beijing. President Trump should not treat the Pope as a holy man with a hotline to God, but as some guy who weaseled himself into those robes and who is behaving more like a business and political player than as a religious leader. 
The Pope should be treated with the respect that one treats a head of state who doubles as a businessman. No less, no more. Keep his unholy prayers to himself. The Pope has no moral perch to preach on. He stands no taller than anyone else.
We see what the Pope is doing with the communists and want nothing to do with this unholy man. Catholics should rise up against him before he does more damage to the church. I hate to write these words given that some of my closest friends and associates are lifelong Catholics, but they are the good ones.
President Trump can make immediate headway in Asia by clearly showing that:
1) Japan: We stand by Japan militarily and politically: If someone attacks Japan, we will defend Japan as per our agreements. We should increase our cooperation with space research.
2) Taiwan: We will not cower in the face of China when it comes to Taiwan, the ADIZ, the islands, ect., on that cluster of issues.
3) Thailand: Say clearly that Thailand is an important and deeply respected partner. The last administration damaged our valued relations. The last administration flew away in the helicopter 12 hours ago. They are gone.
We will not interfere in Thai internal politics. The Thai Prime Minister and government is welcome in Washington any time. We will appoint another Ambassador more trusted by Thailand. 
Note: I personally have nothing against Ambassador Davies, but many Thais are suspicious of Davies due to his strange predecessor, and the policy of the Obama government to intervene in Thai internal politics, voicing opinion on the 112 issue which is none of our business, etc. It is better to reassign Davies somewhere else – no loss of face. Pragmatism.
4) Philippines: Say clearly we are in this for the long haul. We will not allow our deep bonds to erode due to a typhoon that will come and go. We value Philippines and encourage deeper ties at all levels. This is an emotional moment in Philippines and no time for any hot words. Good partners know when to go silent for a time, and when to speak softly.
5) Indonesia: There are some delicate issues and we stand with Indonesia
6) Singapore. Of course. We love you.
7) India. We have a common adversary and goals and should work more closely at all levels, including space research.
8) Myanmar. First, stop fighting. We have many common interests.
9) Australia. The door is always open.
10) Malaysia. No better time to improve our relations.
11) Vietnam. Continue to improve our cooperation on all levels: INCLUDING MILITARY.
12) China. A new Sheriff is in town. Aggressive behaviors will be met with commiserate and uncomfortable reactions. Legislation should be considered that takes Chinese money out of our media/Hollywood influence centers. Groups who openly wage information war such as Global Alliance or the Confucius Institute
should be shut down, or at least widely exposed. 
We are in a soft war with China. This is becoming more serious by the year.
Information war is increasingly crucial. We are in the midst of many information wars, and again, one of the important wars for us is the effort to split Japan-USA-ROK. 
A couple days ago I visited the Independence Hall in Korea – another small battlefield in an information war.
About 100 young Korean Soldiers were at the museum. They were friendly and professional. One joked and saluted, and I saluted back, and took a photo and we both laughed without saying a word. It is my hope that all this work might save his life, and lives of other young Soldiers from many countries.
Again, this was a quick morning thought. No time for edit. Time to work. Thank you for forgiving any writing errors.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

エキサイティングな日本:朝日グレンデール訴訟 報告会 2017/1/14







1) 徳永信一 弁護士  訴訟担当
2) Yoko Nagato 氏。アメリカ ニュージャージーからSkypeで参加、助産師。
3) Michael Yon ― Facebookのページを持つ。最も長い45分のスピーチ時間を割り当てられた。(ですが実のところ私には45日間、少なくても45時間は必要)  
4) 杉田水脈  前衆議院議員。影響力があるそうです。
5) 西岡力 東京基督教大学教授。安倍晋三首相のアドバイザーのひとり。
6) 高橋史郎  明星大学特別教授。 著名な学者。
7) 山岡鉄秀 氏。私は彼が代表を務めるオーストラリアの団体がストラスフィールドの慰安婦像建立を阻止するのを助けました。彼らは成功しましたが、今、また新たな闘いをしています。
8) 高池勝彦 弁護士。もうひとつの 朝日新聞 訴訟を率いる著名な弁護士。前回、日本に来た時に一緒に食事をしました。 非常に興味深い紳士です。


( この情報戦争でなにが実際に行われているのか、また、テロを実行するまでに過激化する4段階のうち、中国にそそのかされている多くの韓国人は第3段階にいることについて、前日、安倍総理に近いお役人に詳細に説明しました。


出席者の方々は 米国との関係強化を強く望んでいます。過激でもなんでもなく、ひじょうに頭の回転がはやく、保守的な見解をもち、子供達の未来のために良い世の中を作ろうと望んでいる人々です。 彼らは 愛国右翼というレッテルを貼られているが、実際はまったく違います。ただ、平和で豊かな暮らしを望んでいるだけなのに、それを破壊しようという巨大な悪い狼ー中国がいるから、それに対峙しているだけなのです。



Interesting Day in Japan: my speech today
The day started with a morning meeting, and then, moved to speeches about the lawsuit against Asahi Shimbun (nearly the biggest paper in the world) regarding lies it told about the comfort women issue. These have contributed to massive problems for Japan, Korea, and increasingly the USA, though most Americans remain blind. Just a week or so ago, Prime Minister Abe recalled the Japanese Ambassador from Korea on this issue.
To be clear, this has nothing to do with World War II. This is a geopolitical information war designed to split Korea, Japan, and USA. As you can see, it is working.
I met with the lead attorney in the lawsuit in 2016 when he flew to Chiang Mai, Thailand to ask if I would present testimony in the lawsuit. The judges then later said I would not be needed, but I was also then invited to give a speech today.
The roster of speakers today: 
1) Shinichi Tokunaga -- the attorney leading the lawsuit
2) Yoko Nagato -- a midwife coming in live via Skype from New Jersey
3) Michael Yon -- some guy with a Facebook page, who got the most time to present out of the group, with 45 minutes. (I needed 45 days, or at least 45 hours.)
4) Mio Sugita -- Former Japanese Congresswoman, influential in Japan.
5) Tsutomu Nishioka -- Professor at Tokyo Christian University who has advised PM Shinzo Abe
6) Shiro Takahashi -- Special Professor at Meisei University, and well known in Japan
7) Teshu Yamaoka -- whose organization I helped in Australia to defeat a comfort women statue in Strathfield. They succeeded, and are fighting another battle now.
8) Katsuhiko Takaike -- a well known attorney leading another lawsuit against Asahi Shimbun. We had dinner last time I was in Japan. Very interesting gentleman.
I spoke at length with a close advisor to Prime Minister Abe about what is really going on with this information war, and that many Koreans are at phase three of the four step process of radicalization, and that phase four is active terrorism. 
The monk who burned himself alive in Korea about about a week ago reached step four, in a Buddhist way. He is dead. 
We have been warning for two years that this will lead to terrorism. It is coming.
After the speeches we had a great dinner, and I was honored to be seated at the position of honor in such a distinguished group of about 20-25. (The speeches was a full house with I think no empty seats -- seemed like about 200 or so, with much media.)
These folks want much tighter relations with the USA. Not radical at all. Very smart, conservative, interested in building a better world for their kids. They often are labeled rightwing nationalists, which is far from reality. They just want to live in peace, and prosper, but they are facing that Big Bad Wolf called China.
We see the same in Thailand. The most sensible people, such as the Democrat Party in Thailand, just want peace and prosperity, with good relations with neighbors, and good relations with USA. They are called rightwing nationalists at times because they will not empty the banks and dump money out of helicopters.
Similar can be seen in the USA. The most sensible people are called radicals, while the most insensible radicals are called enlightened, or intellectuals.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

日本: エキサイティングな一日 2017/1/13



挺対協の情報キャンペーンに煽動されている韓国人は、遅かれ早かれ 日本の市民にテロ攻撃するだろうと我々のチームは予測していることも説明しました。

その次は編集者と日本の大手出版社の記者二人との会合でした。最近、彼らから調査についての原稿を依頼されたので、私は「ヘイト農場:中国は苦い作物を栽培している」と題した原稿を書きました。最初、彼らは英語版のみを予定していましたが、今日の時点ですでに日本語の翻訳を終えていました。 そして近々、翻訳版を日本で、英語版は2月に出版してもよいか、とのこと。もちろん快諾しました。


もう一人のジャーナリストに、何が今起こっているのかについて資料を見せながら説明しました。私が中国に注目していることについて、古森さんはたいへん 満足していました。なぜならジャーナリストを含め多くの日本人がこの問題は韓国が原因だと思っているからです。古森氏は、「実は韓国は操り人形にすぎない」ことに気付いている数少ない日本人です。

また、情報戦争のプロパガンダを傍証するための2万ドルの賞金、日本兵がテニアン島で5000人もの朝鮮人を殺害したと主張するローラ・ヒレンブランド(Laura Hillenbrand)の本「アンブロ−クン」に関して、もしそれが事実だと証明できたら 2万ドルの賞金を進呈することにしている、これは明らかな嘘で、我々はそのことを証明できる、と話したら、彼らは大笑いしてい


会合で明け暮れた長い一日が終わり、カメラのスタビライザーを買いにビックカメラに行きました。ここは日本です。私は新しい写真が撮りたいので DJIスタビライザーを買いました。 部屋に戻ってみると、なんとバッテリーがついていない。他にもおかしな点がいくつかありました。


私は「なにかが おかしい」と言って、二つのスタビライザーのちょっとした違いを示し、あれは偽物なのではないか」と質問しました。店側の二人と一緒に三人で 二つをよくよく調べているうちに私は気がつきました。店員はうっかり間違えて、展示用のダミーを売ってしまったのです。


最初に私に商品を売った店員は、それは私が悪かったのです、と言って、ずっと謝っていました。私は笑って、私がしでかした深刻な失敗を知ったら、こんな笑い事ではすみませんよ( こんなことは大したことではありません)と言ったら、英語がわかる二人は笑いました。



Japan: Interesting Day
Started off with a two hour breakfast meeting with two interesting people. One a former politician, now popular author. 
Then off to a meeting with one of the highest officials in Japan (top six, I am told) to brief on our project. Very smart fellow but I was surprised that he had never heard of Chong Dae Hyup or that they are behind many of the Comfort Women dramas in Korea. 
This is especially surprising because just last week the Japanese Ambassador to Korea was recalled to Japan over comfort women issues -- largely instigated by Chong Das Hyup, though practically nobody seems to know this. He seemed especially interested in our findings and approximately doubled the meeting time. I told him that Koreans are being radicalized and that our team expects that eventually there will be lethal terror attacks against Japanese citizens due to this information campaign.
I further said that ultimately that Chong Das Hyup and Korea are not the main instigators, but that this is being done by China. This was the first he had ever heard this. This is very interesting because most Japanese seem to not realize that Chinese are the ultimate instigators and the Koreans are just their unwitting puppets. 
Next meeting was with an editor and two journalists of major Japanese publications. They recently asked me to write an article about our research so I wrote, "The Hate Farm: Chinese Planting Bitter Harvest." The editor said they were so happy with the article that they wish to change plans. At first they wanted to publish it only in English, but by today they had already translated into Japanese and ask if it is okay to publish Japanese soon, and the English version in February. I said sure. I am honored. 
Then came about two hours interview with the two journalists. One was Yoshihisa Komori, who has more expertise on the information war than just about anyone. He has been involved in the subject since the early 1990s. His English is completely fluent and high level. Yoshi has been helpful to me for more than two years. Very smart journalist. He just flew in from his US office.
I told the other journalist the bones of what is going on, and Yoshi was sitting beside me. Yoshi was very happy that I was concentrating on the Chinese because almost all Japanese including journalists think this problem is first coming from the Koreans. Yoshi is one of the few who realize that Koreans are only unwitting puppets.
As a side note, I told them about the $20,000 reward I offered to Laura Hillenbrand or the first person who can prove Hillenbrand's lies in "Unbroken" that Japanese murdered all 5,000 Koreans on Tinian island. This is an abject lie and we proved it. They got a laugh out of the reward.
Both were surprised at some of the other information I delivered, some of which even Yoshi did not know, and Yoshi is one of the world experts on this issue.
The long day was over so I went to Bic Camera to buy a camera stabilizer. This is Japan, after all, and I am hungry for some new photography. I bought a DJI stabilizer, got back to the room and there was no battery, and there were some other weird things about it.
I took it back to the store and showed that it had no manual and no battery. They apologized and got another one, and this time we checked. Everything was there. 
I said that something strange is going on, and showed them small differences in the two stabilizers, and said I think one might be counterfeit. We all three kept comparing them, and then I noticed on the first box that they had accidentally sold me a display dummy!
Good grief. Good thing I noticed before getting to the airport. They both apologized about ten times. I kept laughing and saying it's my fault, too. I should have noticed the tiny word by the barcode that said, DUMMY. (Dummy.) 
The guy who did the initial sales work kept apologizing saying it was his mistake, and I kept laughing saying if you knew some of the mistakes I made, you would not be laughing! They both spoke English okay and laughed at that. 
The primary salesman was up to apologizing about 15 times before I got out the store, saying thank you for being so understanding! 
Reminded me of the Kono statement. No need to apologize so much. You did nothing wrong.

Thursday, January 12, 2017



ソウルで慰安婦の件について調査を進めていたとき、カトリック教会が性奴隷のペテンに首までドップリ つかっていることに私は気がつきました。韓国人の神父と多くの修道女が抗議行動に参加していたのです。いったい 何が起こっているのか確かめるためにフランシスコ修道院に行ってみると、おどろくなかれ、その修道院の前には慰安婦像があったのです!


一方  オーストラリアでは、慰安婦性奴隷ペテン事件に加担しているプロテスタント系のユナイティング 教会には、やはり児童の性的虐待で非難された過去がありました。教会は信用を落とし、虐待された児童達の人生は酷いものでした。

いっそのこと、バチカンとユナイティング教会の前には 慰安少年の像を建立すべきです。

Catholic Church: Why are they involved in the Comfort Women Scam when they have ongoing dramas with pedophilia?
While researching in Seoul, I realized the Catholic Church is neck deep in the sex-slave scam. A Korean Priest and almost a dozen nuns showed up at protests. So I went to the Franciscan Friary to see what was up. Low and behold there is a comfort woman statue in front to Friary!
Firstly, those statues cost about $30,000 each. (I interviewed the husband and wife team that makes the statues.) Secondly, just weeks before I made these photos at the Franciscan Friary in Seoul, three more Franciscans were charged in another pedophilia case in the USA.
Meanwhile in Australia, the Uniting Church is involving itself in the same sex-slave scam, which is again ironic given their history with pedophilia that ended badly for them, and worse for the kids.
Time to put comfort boy statues in front of the Uniting Church and the Vatican.
Make sure to click the pictures:

Monday, January 9, 2017




「韓国と日本の新たな緊張は、過去の悪事がいかに外交の障害となり得るかを思い出させてくれる。 韓国釜山の日本総領事館前に設置された「慰安婦」像が、アジアで緊張が高まっているときに、米国にとっての重要な二つの同盟国である日本と韓国の間に亀裂を生じさせている。

「 韓国人にとってこれは 単なる像ではなく、感情的なものである。日本は、日本軍が占領下において何万人もの韓国及び アジアの国々の女性達を強制的に性奴隷にした悪事について 全く悔い改めていない。慰安婦という言葉は、性奴隷の事実を婉曲に言い換えたものである。」

New York Times is shamefully carrying the Comfort Women narrative 
Their 'scholarship' on this either never happened, or is compromised to the core. They simply are wrong:
From the opinion:
The renewed tensions between South Korea and Japan are a sobering reminder of how historical wrongs can interfere with diplomacy. A statue of a “comfort woman” installed outside the Japanese Consulate in Busan, South Korea, is reopening a major rift between the two foremost Asian allies of the United States at a most perilous time. The issue goes far beyond the statue to a deep sense among Koreans that Japan has never fully repented for the sex slavery forced on tens of thousands of Korean and other Asian women under Japanese occupation, for whom the euphemism was “comfort women.”

Saturday, January 7, 2017

韓国:慰安婦のペテンに加担する カトリック教会


カトリック教会は日本に対する憎悪を煽っています。バチカンが介入して やめさせるべきなのですが、ローマ法王が北京のご機嫌をとっている現状では おそらく介入はないでしょう。それにローマ法王はインチキ慰安婦問題を事実だと受け入れています。

韓国での慰安婦デモには修道女や 神父が頻繁に参加します。沢山の証拠写真を撮りました。慰安婦像を見るために 聖フランシスコ修道院にも行きました。


キリスト教会の血の中傷(Blood Libel  ユダがキリストを裏切ったことによる)は、ユダヤ人迫害から大量虐殺に至る大きな理由のひとつです。 今度は日本人を標的にして、 なぜ再びカトリック教会が憎悪を煽るのでしょうか。全ては金の力、政治的勢力が原因です。

ローマ法王はこのペテンを支持していますが、もしかしたらどこかの裕福な日本人が、カトリック聖職者が少年を性的餌食にしてきたことを記念して慰安少年(Comfort Boy)の像を建立するかもしれません。


Korea: Catholic Church involved in the Comfort Women Scam
I researched this topic in 11 countries. Korea was a very interesting phase. There I stumbled upon the fact that the Catholic Church is involved in this scam. 
The actions of the Church are helping to foment hatred against Japanese. The Vatican should intervene but probably will not, considering the Pope is giving foot massages to Beijing. Also the Pope has openly embraced the Comfort Women scam.
Nuns or a Priests are often at the protests. I made many photographs of their participation. I visited the Franciscan Friary in Seoul only to find a Comfort Women Statue out front.
This is a massive scam and information war. Even Amnesty International is involved. The main puppet masters are in China -- and the ultimate target is not Japan, but the USA.
Why does the Catholic Church yet again engage in Blood Libel as it did with Jews, which in no small part has led to genocide? This time the Blood Libel is against Japanese. And all this just for money and political power. 
While the Pope embraces this scam, perhaps wealthy Japanese will consider building Comfort Boy statues to memorialize widespread sodomy of children by the Catholic clergy.
The Church has not properly atoned for its sins.
A new sort of statue: The Comfort Boys of the Catholic Church.

Monday, January 2, 2017






日本はもっと強く反撃しなければなりません。中国が戦後から、そして今も行っている様々な大規模犯罪を事実に基づいて世界中に暴露する 情報キャンペーンを始めるべきです。中国をイライラさせて、焦らせるのです。

反撃するには他にもいろいろ方法があります、例えばウイグルに資金提供するなど。。。そろそろ殴り返すとき です!

Japan’s defense minister visits Yasukuni after Pearl Harbor
Good. Japanese should stop apologizing for things over and over. Shinzo Abe and the rest should all go to Yasukuni as they wish and tell the Koreans and Chinese that if they don't like it, tough luck.
If someone tells our Secretary of Defense or President it is a sin to visit Arlington, we will ignore them, at best.
Chinese are playing the Koreans like puppets. Our research team strongly believes this will lead to lethal terrorism in Japan. We were just talking about this again on the phone two days ago. We have been saying it for two years. Chinese are radicalizing other Chinese, and Koreans, to commit violent acts against Japanese.
President Trump must tell China and Korea that it is time to stop fomenting hatred before this gets out of everyone's control. Chinese will not listen until they feel real pressure.
Japanese must fight back harder. Start a reciprocal information campaign that is truth-based to reveal the massive Chinese crimes from recent history, and ongoing. Let them feel the heat.
There are other levers if one is willing to punch back, such as funding the Uighers... Time to punch back.