Monday, July 20, 2020

三峡ダム : 史上最大にして最も緩慢な大惨事

Three Gorges Dam -- this is the biggest, slowest trainwreck ever


CCP (中国共産党,Chinese Communist Party) の運命は、神話や昔の人々、古代文明の教え通りである。





それを今更 何とかすることは不可能である。


三峡ダムのみならず,チナチ(ChiNazi, Chinese ナチ)の数々の犯罪がもたらすものは、ムスリムが言う「究極の正義をもたらす神の鉄槌」。それをヒンズー教では カルマ、と呼ぶ。


Three Gorges Dam -- this is the biggest, slowest trainwreck ever

The fate of CCP is set to be something from myth. Like really what all those myths and old-people and ancient civilization ideas are based on.

Like flying too close to the sun.

Or pride goeth before the fall.

Or crime doesn't pay.

We all know that crime can pay handsomely on the short term, but strategic immorality and bad thinking seems to always reset itself and often catastrophically.

Such as CCP lying and stealing constantly, and now Japan and USA finally pulling our businesses out, with more backlash to come.

If China had merely stayed within even some semblence of good ways, they would be rich beyond their dreams and far better off than they are now.

But they stole, lied, murdered, stole, lied, grabbed.


Here. Hold my beer while I make the dam that will damn my country on scale of a 'small' nuclear war.

You just cannot make up this stuff.

Truly Biblical in scale and lessons. And not just the Three Gorges Dam, but the entire ChiNazi constellation of criminal ways is bringing upon itself, as Muslims might say, Ultimate Justice that man alone never can deliver. Our Hindu friends might call this Karma.